About US

Filippo Fiora

I was born in Cremona in 1987 and I graduated cum laude in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. During my university years I developed my natural perception of beauty and detail and later transferred it to my way of interpreting male fashion. A set of inclinations and ideas that, at not much older than twenty, led me to debut on the web with the first blog in Italy to be dedicated to menswear.

Filippo Cirulli

I was born in 1988 in Bologna and later moved to Milan where I graduated in Business Economy and Marketing Management from Bocconi. At 23 I flew to Shanghai to do a MBA master at Jiao Tong University, opening my mind to new surroundings and continuing to cultivate my awareness of design and male fashion.

Travel & Lifestyle - Anna Violante

I'm Anna, law graduate cum laude, citizen of the world. Here on The three f to share my passion for fashion, art, travel, food and culture and to provide a feminine insight on the current trends and fashion news.

Architecture & Design - Nacho Lillo

Forming youth in Architecture and Design. Ever since getting envolved in architectural world I have been growing personally and culturally to a contemporary way of seeing and feeling life in order to feed my interests capsule and keep my environment up to date.

Watches - Victor Åberg

I am a Swedish speaking Finn (this is fairly hard to explain so I suggest to Google it) who works a lawyer in London, UK. I have been extremely interested in menswear and wristwatches for the past 10 years and am admittedly guilty of spending too large of a proportion of my salary on said items.

Art - Giovanni de Girolamo

I'm Giovanni, an art historian, and live in Rome with my sweet English Cocker Spaniel, Summer. Here on The Three F to recommend the best events cencerning the art world, from fashion to photography and everything in between.