Ecco uno degli ultimi look milanesi prima della nostra partenza per New York con Ralph Lauren.

Cosa ne pensate?

 photo IMG_7330.jpg photo IMG_7414.jpg photo IMG_7170s.jpg photo IMG_7171s.jpg photo IMG_7147.jpg photo IMG_7240.jpg photo IMG_7085d.jpg photo IMG_7309.jpg photo IMG_7284.jpg photo IMG_7396s.jpgOcchiali da sole Cartier – Orologio Audemars Piguet mod. Millenary 4101 – Louis Vuitton Porte document voyage – Abito Suitsupply – Scarpe Tangerine


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  1. Stai davvero bene, e mi fai sorgere una curiosità: nelle foto “di gruppo” di solito non spicchi molto per statura, ma negli shoot da solo hai una silhouette nient’affatto brevilinea. Quanto sei alto?

  2. Brilliant, practical, serious, well styled, well cut. Not sure about the shirt collar or the form fitting cut of the trousers. To my eye trousers cut this close to the form of the legs take away some of the mystery and tell me a little too much about the wearer’s leg shape and so on. I think he is a beautiful man with great legs, don’t get me wrong. I always want to think that the man wearing the suit will be comfortable while sitting, standing, running for the train. As well, it is one of the distinct pleasures of wearing nice cloth to feel the ease and softness of the cloth as it drapes casually and easily around the legs in motion and while at rest. I get the feeling from these pics that if he were at a business meeting and stood at the end of an hour or so, he would spend the next minute shaking his knees and pulling at the trousers to get them to hang free of his calves. An inelegant way to end a meeting to my way of thinking.

  3. Not a fan of the suit at all. The major issue is the shoulder. You can plainly see that the right shoulder doesn’t sit right – it doesn’t mold naturally to Filippo’s own shoulder. Additionally, those patch pockets are ENORMOUS. One could easily fit a laptop in the one, and a Bento Box in the other.

    Italian men should know that “vast” proportions are not complimentary on a suit!

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