La scorsa settimana abbiamo partecipato al Monaco Yacht Show di Monte Carlo, il più prestigioso salone nautico per le imbarcazioni di lusso
Assieme a CNR, brand del gruppo Ferretti, abbiamo scoperto Chopi Chopi che, con i suoi 4 ponti e 80 metri di lunghezza , era la vera attrazione del salone.
Nei prossimi giorni vi racconteremo meglio di questa incredibile barca, ma per ora vi lasciamo alle foto che abbiamo scattato sulla terrazza del Monaco Yacht Club.
Buon inizio settimana,


 photo IMG_7657.jpg
 photo IMG_7960.jpg
 photo IMG_7716.jpg
 photo IMG_7759.jpg
 photo IMG_7961-1.jpg
 photo IMG_7811-1.jpg
 photo IMG_7665.jpg
 photo IMG_78d72.jpg
 photo IMG_7774.jpg
 photo IMG_788d4.jpg
 photo IMG_7765.jpg
 photo IMG_7968.jpg
 photo IMG_7916.jpg
 photo IMG_7957.jpg
 photo IMG_7948.jpg
 photo IMG_8057.jpg
Filippo F indossa

Camicia Finamore
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Filippo C indossa

Camicia Finamore
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  1. Hi,

    In my opinion, your outfits are perfect for Monaco and especially for this kind of event, like the Monaco Yacht Show.
    I really love their “French Riviera” side, characterized by a kind of non-ostentatious luxury. This impression is reinforced by your choices of: colors (pastel blue, white, beige), materials (cotton, linen) and shoes model (chic and casual)… So, everything is perfect!
    In “conclusion” I’ve a question for Filippo F. Indeed, you’re a fashion blogger but you’re also an architect! So, what’s your opinion about this new Monaco Yacht Club designed by Lord Norman Foster?


    Have a nice evening.

    Big Hug :-*


    1. I like it, it’s like a mega yacht dominating the harbor! The decks are great as well as the the interiors but I have some doubts about the facades. They are not bad but the different treatment between the prospect looking and the sea and the one facing the street creates a discordant result on the short side. 🙂


        1. Hi,

          Thank you for having taken the time to answer me 🙂

          I perfectly understand what you mean and I totally agree with you. There is, very clearly, a dichotomy between the two facades. But, I think that Lord Norman Foster was forced to do this difference because of the environment.

          Indeed, the facade directed to the city overlooks a boulevard (Louis II) and especially a huge and ugly stone wall. That’s why, faced with this unattractive view, he wanted remain very “classic” and designed this facade a little bit like an office building, with fewer openings and only some continuous balconies.

          However the other facade overlooks the Antoine 1er quay and has a more pleasant view on the marina and on the sea. This beautiful environment is totally different from the first one and he chose to highlight it by creating a very open and original facade who looks like a liner. Besides, with this choice, he answered perfectly the principality’s desire to affirm the Monaco yachting identity and to mark the Monaco’s ambition to be always opened on the sea.

          So, in conclusion, I totally agree with you: he has created a discordant result on the short side. But, could he make another choice? I’m not an architect so I don’t know. However, it raises another question: an architect should be totally subjected to the environment or not?

          Good night.

          Big Hug :-*


          NB : I would point out that I’m not criticizing the creation of this great architect… I’m just making an observation and I’m just giving my opinion.

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