Finalmente le prime foto della nostra vacanza siciliana, trascorsa alle isole Eolie.

Dopo i due giorni trascorsi a Taormina per Hamilton abbiamo deciso di proseguire il nostro viaggio in Sicilia regalandoci una settimana di totale relax. Una scelta davvero azzeccata dopo la frenesia degli ultimi mesi! 🙂

Per la prima serata trascorsa a Lipari ho optato per un look molto casual: camicia vintage acquistata durante l’ultimo viaggio a Parigi (mi hanno spiegato che questo tipo di indumento era utilizzato dai pescatori Nord Europa), pantaloni bianchi, le nostre Tangerine 2 ai piedi e il mio nuovo Hamilton X-Wind Auto Chrono al polso.

Grazie per tutti i vostri commenti!

 photo ff-2.jpg
 photo tangerine_shoes_filippo_fiora_2.jpg
 photo IMG_7077k.jpg
 photo hamilton_x_wind_2.jpg
 photo filippo_fiora_2-1.jpg
 photo filippo_fiora_italian_fashion_blogger.jpg
 photo tangerine_shoes_filippo_fiora.jpg
 photo fff.jpg
 photo hamilton_x_wind.jpg

Camicia vintage acquistata a Parigi da Kiliwatch
Pantaloni Dries van Noten
Scarpe Tangerine shoes di Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora (disponibili qui)
Occhiali da sole Ray Ban sunglasses (disponibili qui)
Orologio Hamilton X-Wind Auto Chrono

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  1. You went at Kiliwatch, lot of great vintage clothes there, by the way like your outfit, the shirt is really nice and matche so well with the white pants and the shoes you design!


  2. I think this kind of look is more like some of your earlier outfits on the Blog. Formal looks are great but its also great to see this kind of thing if you don’t wear a tie every day.

  3. Ciao Filippo!

    Spero che tutto va bene 😉

    I love your outfit, it’s really perfect and in many ways.

    – First point: your tunic. It’s really a very good choice. Its color is absolutely beautiful. This “indigo” reminds me of the Mediterranean’s shores with its hot sun and its sparkling sea. The “wow factor” of this tunic is the stripes… Really, they bring “modernity” and elegance to this “basic” garment.

    – Second point: your white pants. Beyond the fact that white pants is a central part in the Italian style, here, it brings brightness and elegance to this outfit, while making a reminder to the tunic’s white stripes. So this combination is perfect and works perfectly for a summer outfit.

    – Third point: your loafers. It’s really a smart choice because these loafers “resonate” with the tunic and the parallel is perfect. Indeed, like your tunic, it’s simple and elegant at once. Simple by using a basic fabric like woven jute and elegant by adding a piece of “powerful” Moroccan fabric. In addition, this loafers recall the “Mediterranean” side of your tunic especially thanks to their Maroccan fabric. Perfect!

    In summary: your outfit, both elegant and “bohême”, is really perfect for a man who wants to be relaxed while remaining “chic” during his holidays. Congrats!

    Have a nice day.

    Big Hug :-*


    NB : Congrats to Phil, as usual, his pictures are beautiful!

  4. I love your outfit! most like me shoes 🙂
    anyway here’s a very nice photos 🙂 I really love it <3



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