Parigi – Avenue Montaigne

Martedì mattina, Avenue Montaigne.

Poche ore prima ero il protagonista in Place de la Concorde di uno shooting per Cartier. Era notte fonda ed io indossavo uno smoking.
Il mattino seguente ancora incredulo di quanto fosse accaduto quella notte; mi sono infatti svegliato nella mia camera dell’Hotel Montaigne come se avessi fatto un sogno meraviglioso, un sogno firmato Cartier.

Buona giornata

photo filippo_Fiora_fashion_blogger_10.jpg
photo filippo_fiora_fashion_blogger_4.jpg
photo Filippo_fiora_fashion_blogger.jpg
photo filippo_fiora_fashion_blogger_7.jpg
photo filippo_fiora_matthew_zorpas_blogger.jpg
photo filippo_fiora_fashion_blogger_5.jpg
photo 798.jpg
photo filippo_fiora_fashion_blogger_3.jpg

Abito in jeans doppiopetto Suitsupply
Camicia Hackett London
Cravatta vintage Valentino
Occhiali da sole Trussardi
Scarpe in coccodrillo Raparo

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  1. Phil,

    1. in my humble opinion, in this period you have lost “your magic touch”

    2. it is exactly the same outfit as the yesterday’s FC one…

    3. I will continue to follow you, I hope you will return to the wonderful outfits you used to show until one year ago or so

    4. you loose something when you do not smile in your picture

    Congratulation for your important collaboration with Cartier!



    1. Dear JL,
      unfortunately I have to agree.
      I was such a huge fan of Phil’s wonderful outfits.
      I loved his effortless mix of casual & business, amazing prints, bold details, stunning colours, vintage pieces & classic icons… every look was so inspiring.
      Nowadays it all looks “overcontrolled” and too stiff.
      I really miss the “old ” 3F + I hope those amazing looks will return.

      Wish U all the best for the future,

  2. Honestly, it looks to me to be a person of slight and perhaps short stature, wearing the suit of someone of even shorter height. I am not sure if this style says anything other than ‘I am a slave to a look that actually does not suit me’. If it ever appears that you are, in any way, the victim of what you wear, or of someone else’s idea of what looks good, then to my way of thinking you have missed the mark.
    The shirt and tie are sublime.
    The shoes are what they are. I think you would be better off with bespoke calf than those ill fitting monk straps. And considering the cost of these shoes, well I have plenty of better uses for that money.
    Sorry to be critical. This is only one opinion after all. Cheers, J

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