Ricordo ancora il mio primo zaino: un Invicta blu e azzurro con il disegno di un delfino. Era quasi più grande di me.
Passato qualche anno sono passato a Seven per poi iniziare il liceo con il mio primo Eastpack.

Con il passare degli anni la mia passione per le borse è aumentata e ora il mio armadio ne è pieno: borse a mano, a tracolla, briefcase, clutch.
Un accessorio a mio avviso indispensabile anche per l’uomo. Odio avere le tasche piene di cose e soprattutto andare in giro con il terrore di perdere qualcosa.

Voi cosa ne pensate del connubio uomo/borsa?

Buona settimana

 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_5.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_1.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_8.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_7.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_9.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_2.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_4.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_3.jpg

Giacca Royal Hem
Camicia su misura
Jeans J.Brand
Zaino Stefano Mano
Scarpe Massimo Dutti
Occhiali da sole Yves Saint Laurent
Cravatta Hèrmes

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  1. I think it is a completely suitable combination. The backpack is fashionable yet practical. Tres chic 😉

  2. The combination of a formal tie and blazer, mixed with the casual/laid back feel of the navy colored jeans worked perfectly well together. Not to mention the amazing leather backpack to finish off the look. I personally loved the burgundy and silver colored handkerchief, which added a little pop of color to your outfit, but it was not too vibrant to overshadow or distract the other pieces of clothing. Your look is very street style, which I absolutely admire. I definitely got inspired by the pairing of an array of different colors which work in harmony with each other, I’m going to pair a look similar to this one. Thank you Filippo!

  3. I think bags are totally cool for men too!
    I also love them, and this one it´s completly amazing! I really really like it, and makes a great match with the rest of the outfit. Every men should have a nice bag to use.

  4. I can’t agree with you more. I love backpacks. Plus I love men’s fashion. I’ve been gravitating towards more men’s then women. I just purchased two different type of men’s Alexander Wang backpacks. Great post =) Hope to keep in touch.


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