Blue and Red Contrast

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Un outfit che gioca sul contrasto tra rosso e blu, due colori che combinati insieme riescono a rendere d’impatto anche l’outfit più semplice.
Un paio di intramontabili Church’s Tassel loafers ai piedi e una briefcase di Louis Vuitton sotto braccio.

Che altro?

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  1. Love those Tom Ford specs. They’re the perfect mix of hight and width.
    Great pics. You look like you’re always having so much fun….
    Miguel Ramalhao

  2. pantaloni a vita altissima e gamba del pantalone cortissima….come ammazzare l’armonia delle misure. Sai fare sicuramente di meglio, ti seguo, lo so

  3. I love the colour combination. The relaxed feel of the outfit and the attitude are really appealing. Studied, thought out, but not too self conscious. Love the shoes. I also like the LV documents holder. I have to confess that having and carrying a LV Monogram piece is something I find difficult to do; the LV canvas has been so sullied and over-exposed by counterfeit pieces, that in real life it has — unfortunately — become a bit of a joke. I think this is tragic, as the quality is terrific and the pieces last forever and are practical. I have a vintage Randonee GM, that is 25 years old and still looks great, with only slight signs of wear. It is great. A Danish friend commented that it looked like something a Japanese school girl might wear, which was both funny and embarrassing! ( I still use it though, as it is a really good bag!)
    Ciao ragazzi!

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