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Una città grigia e autunnale come sfondo per un outfit che vuole anticipare l’inverno ma con un tocco di colore nell’inconfondibile arancione della sciarpa.

Meglio in felpa o in doppiopetto?

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  1. Hi Filippo.

    Everything is perfect and without hesitation I can write : j’adore… (Even if it’s not a Dior outfit). So, I can’t choose what to begin with. Perhaps by the most important “element” of this post: your smile. Yes, your smile, because as Baden-Powell said : “A smile is a secret key that opens many hearts”. That’s why beyond your outfit (even the most beautiful), your smile is the most important, not only it makes your personality, lights your face but mainly, it seduces us!

    Otherwise, for the rest of your outfit, as I wrote, everything is perfect: the Hermes scarf colors are beautiful and goes perfectly with this beautiful Royal Hem double-breasted jacket. The combination of casual elements, like your jeans, with very chic elements is perfect too… I stop there, otherwise I’ll accumulate compliments one after the other and, as always, I might write something too.

    Have a nice day.

    Big Hug :-*


  2. Ciao, Filippo!

    Gorgeous outfit. You know I love every single piece of it. The Hermès scarf in its particular shade of Hermès orange brings the whole look the perfect pop of color. With the grey jacket all together, it makes a definitely perfect combination: grey + orange are usually perfect. I mean, it’s the “absence” of color of grey, being it a mix of black & white; with the “overdose” of color of orange, being it the mix of two bright colors as red and yellow are.
    The jeans make the whole outfit not look so formal and the briefcase… Well, you already know my opinion about the Kelly Depeche, right…? ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m forever asking my mom for it as a gift but I think I’m not gonna get it. EVER, haha.
    Oh, and to answer your question, I definitely prefer you in a double breasted jacket; actually, any kind of jacket is good on you. I mean, that is what makes you different from other bloggers, like your ‘plus point’. Casual looks that are always chic =).

    Regards from Spain!


  3. Personalmente non amo molto il doppio petto in generale e questo che indossi non mi fa impazzire, forse per quelle maxi tasche eccessivamente grandi o forse per il colore che seppure mi piaccia, lo vedo leggermente fuori dal coro in questo outfit; probabilmente avrei utilizzato un marrone e avrei lasciato la sciarpa un po’ dentro, secondo me si sarebbe comunque notata e non avrebbe fatto “effetto bavaglio” diciamo. Le uniche modifiche che avrei fatto sarebbero state queste, per il resto tutto perfetto e accessori davvero belli, borsa top! Complimenti


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