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In meno di 24 ore sarò su un volo per Shanghai ma devo fare ancora moltissime cose come ritirare il visto, attivare il VPN e iniziare la valigia. Riuscirò mai a fare tutto?

Cosa dovrei assolutamente portare con me?

  1. ciao phil ho visto sul tuo twitter ke hai acquistato le nike air force…come mai?? da una parte nn si aspettavo qst binomio FFF – air force…cmq sempre il top…

    1. Hi,

      If you’ll wear this sports shoes in the plane to be more comfortable it’s a good idea because feet tend to swell, especially on a long haul flight. But, for my part, I would have preferred the Superglamourous… They’re more elegant.

      If you’ll wear this sports shoes in the city, it’s a good idea too because they are ideal to trudge through a big town like Shanghai. But, to be honest I admit to not being a big fan. In fact, I hate wearing sports shoes in a city, because in my opinion this type of “shoes” is only reserved for the gym and only there. Yes, I’m a little bit “old school”.

      Otherwise, your outfit is perfect and I really love your shirt and your beautiful Tassel Loafers. About your Tassel Loafers, in the beginning I loved their patina, but today I think they lack a bit of polish. But, it may be voluntary. I admit, I’m particularly manic with my shoes. Besides the ultimate rule: don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, daily after wearing my shoes I always respect three steps: remove impurities (dust, mud …), nourish the leather with a colorless cream (eventually wax them if they need it) and use shoe trees. Finally, when I meet someone, the first thing I look at : the shoes! They say a lot about their owners.

      Have a good day and a nice trip to Shanghai.

      Big Hug :-*


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