MFW. maglione SWEATER e porta documenti VALEXTRA


Ecco il look che ho scelto per uno degli ultimi gorni della Milano fashion week.
Finalmente il sole e le temperture primaverili mi hanno permesso di indossare le nuove e comodissime babouche e il mio amato maglioncino in cotone Missoni. Ogni volta che porto questo pull non posso che ripensare al primo post con cui ho aperto il blog perchè mi sono presentato a voi lettori proprio con questo maglione addosso. Diciamo che ormai è il mio portafortuna!

  • Missoni Sweater
  • Principe Firenze Shirt
  • Hermès Bangle
  • Briefcase Thanks to Valextra
  • Barrow Bologna Chinos
  • Miramar top gun Watch thanks to IWC
  • Spitfire Sunnies

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  1. si può sapere cos’è questa mania di farsi fotografare sui binari o sulle strisce pedonali? un po’ di originalità non guasterebbe!

  2. Hi Filippo,

    A very short comment, because I’ve little time today :

    If elegance is above a question of attitude, however it’s defined not only by this criterion. At least, attitude is not enough to be an elegant man. Besides the choice of clothing, materials, colors and their association, there is, in my opinion, a crucial element: an eye for detail. These little things, we don’t always see, and yet make the difference between an elegant man and the others.

    Here, in Filippo’s outfit, I’ve taken two very elegant details:

    The first:
    Filippo, wears his coat “in Italian” (à l‘italienne in french) that’s to say : he wears it on his shoulders, without putting on the sleeves, like a cape. Cape which was the integral part of a gentlemen’s outfit until the late nineteenth. Wearing his coat like a cape, like the gentleman in the nineteenth is undoubtedly a very elegant detail.

    The second:
    The lining’s color of Filippo’s coat is matching of the famous “Superglamourous Babouche” (you can buy this fabulous slippers on Superglamourous e-shop by clicking on the link at the top right of this page). Of course it’s a detail that didn’t notice right away, but he makes in a holding lot of chic and elegance.

    Well, that’s a bit short, but I’m in a hurry.

    Have a good day.

    Big hug :-*


    Note : I love your coat.

  3. Humm.. I noticed that you use to wear sweaters a bit too large for you
    This one and many others are n ‘t fittd enough, in my opinion

    But I totally agree with the comment of Julien even if I m not a fan of this coat, too dark here : il plombe la silhouette 😉

  4. Hi Filippo,
    like in every comment I have to say that your choice of the colours, materials and clothes is always perfect.

    I also have to say that your choice for the details is always perfect. In fact, I think that a perfect gentleman should every day change something in his outfit.

    Another thing that I wanted to say you is that you’re very good in finding clothes. In reality, it’s very difficult to find clothes that fit well!

    Also the inside lining of your coat and the colour of the Missoni sweater are matching with the FABULOUS babouche!

    But the last detail is *the way you wear the coat*. It’s a very chic way to wear a coat and, like Julien already told, it reminds us the old 19th century gentlemans.


  5. Love the the sweater!

    Filippo you seem to have lots of cashmere sweaters, do they pill a lot? Because mine do and thats the reason I dont like cashmere that much anymore (altho the touch/feel of cashmere is lovely).

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi
      One of mine is pilling too
      It depends of the quality indeed
      My solution: shave it
      Yes! Take a razor and shave it delicately
      Thats the way I do With all my sweaters

    2. Hi.

      I agree with BG, this trick works well, I use it for my wool’s sweaters (I don’t wear cashmere because I’m allergic to it !). But beware, it’s risky and you have to be careful, order not to make holes on your sweaters. If you’re afraid to use this method, several products are available in supermarket like the sweater brick (a kind of pumice) or the anti pilling sweater shaver…

      Have a good afternoon.


    3. BG: I use razor as well, its the best solution.. but thanks for your feedback.

      Julien: Poor you, having allergy to cashmere .. its sucks!

      I was just curious becuse even my Loro Piana jumper started pilling after few weeks.. I guess its the way cashmere is.

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