Nuove scarpe Belfiore


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  1. Hi.

    “Tassel Loafers”! Another example of preppy outfit. Typicaly American, they were “invented” by Alden at the request of Paul Lukas (an american actor Hungarian-born), and have attracted the Europeans, especially the Italians, as our charming Filippo.

    Contrary to what some people think, “Tassel Loafers” are not “formal”. Indeed, they can make a very casual-chic style, especially when they are in “suede”. Moreover, Americans are quick to wear their “Tassel Loafers” with a shorts (as does Filippo) or even with a madras shorts for a traditional “Ivy League style”.

    In France, not many shoes like “Tassel Loafers” divide fashion’s fans! Some love it, others hate it. Why? In fact, it’s a matter of style, but not only. It’s also because of the Tassel! Indeed, in french, “Tassel Loafers” are called “Mocassins à glands” and I guess this style’s division comes from the word “glands”, because in french it has many meanings… Particulary of an anatomical point of view. You understand why, contrary to the USA or Italy, in France wear “Tassel Loafers” is very delicate. In addition, you will be immediately cataloged like a preppy catholic’s boy, or a fan of Sarkozy! Obviously, it’s a stupid judgement and it shows, once again, that French people have a very narrow vision of men’s fashion. I don’t insist on this point because I’ve already said : in my opinion the best dressed men are the Italians, not the French.

    In conclusion, I would say that : these shoes are a great choice for an elegant man.

    Have a good afternoon.

    Big hug :-*