Ieri ho trascorso una giornata divisa tra studio e qualche ora tra le bancarelle di un mercato vintage qui a Milano che si tiene ogni ultima domenica del mese sui navigli. Il risultato? Non ho comprato nulla e mi sono letteralmente congelato!
Vista la domenica libera da impegni, ho optato per un look decisamente casual: jeans e Timberland.
La novità? Il giaccone di Woolrich, ormai da un anno nella mia wish list, quando ho avuto modo di provarlo direttamente in showroom.
Vi ricordate di quel post in cui provavo tutte le ultime novità di Woolrich?
  • Jacket thank to Woolrich,
  • Tailor made Shirt,
  • “La Marucca” Cashmere Sweater,
  • Prada Jeans,
  • Timberland Shoes,
  • Louis Vuitton Briefcase,
  • Sunglasses thanks to Ottica Bongi,
  • Hermès Belt

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  1. I like this look very much, what a surprise, hehe =D. I think it is the perfect casual look for a Sunday. I cannot say something that I don’t like… like the shirt and the sweater, like those jeans a lot even though they’re old, and love the Louis Vuitton portfolio and the Hermès belt (I’m planning to buy one for me!).
    The day looks cold, indeed… =)

    1. ieri mattina mi sono svegliando pensando di indossare le timberland con la para alta. Non avendole però trovate ho optato per queste! =D

      ad ogni modo, non credo molto alla distinzione scarpe estive/scarpe invernali ( eccessi esclusi ovviamente) =)

    1. Hahaha I knew it =D! I was confused because he has been studying for the ielts, and I didn’t know he had to study for the thesis, I thought he just had to work on it! =P What is the topic of your thesis? =)

  2. Hi Filippo,

    I love your “very casual look” because it’s very masculine or even very adventurous. In any case, it was the right style to be adopted for Navigli district!

    The centerpiece of your “casual style” is the legendary B3 Bomber jacket. While this is not exactly the original cut, this Woolrich’s reinterpretation is quite successful and I like it. Combine this jacket, with a worn jeans, is a great idea, it adds a rebel style to your look… In addition, your Prada worn jeans suits you very well, like we see it in the last picture :-). I know, you hate equivocal’s sentences but I can’t keep myself… SORRY SORRY SORRY!

    Of course, your choice of boat shoes can be discussed. But it doesn’t bother me, because in France many young people wear it in winter. Finally when I write “many young people”, I think especially to preppy, which ranging up to wear these shoes without socks (even in winter) as is the tradition in France… At least in my social class. In fact, speaking of boat shoes, few years ago Sebago has launched a line of hight boat shoes with a very “New England countryside” style, like models : Osmore and Exo Field Boot. It can be a good alternative for winter. A small business link :

    Finally, I also note that you push styles’ details “very far”, taking like your clothes a casual style with your hairstyle! I laugh of you a little bit, but in reality I think this hairstyle suits you very well. As always, you’re very cute.

    Have a good evening.

    Big hug :-*


    1. When I was younger, I used to wear boat shoes in Winter as well… After all they’re great when it rains, as they have been made for sailing, right? Hehe =).

    2. You’re right this shoes are made for sailing. That’s why boat shoes must be worn barefoot…
      Of course, you can worn it in winter, but if it rains a lot of, your feet will be quickly soaked because, even if boat shoes were made for sailing, unfortunately they aren’t completely waterproof! In fact, leather is waterproof, but not the shoe’s structure which tends to allow water to pass inside. In particular, by infiltrating through the seams.

  3. OK. If I look closer, I understand why and Bougiehippie wrote about Filippo’s style :
    « Very John Lennon ». Filippo has, a little, a similar haircut to Lennon in the sixties and he wears, a little, the “same” sunglasses (or eyewear) in acetate with a very light colour mount, that Lennon wore when he lived in New York. Anyway, although I understand why you say “Very John Lennon”, I find it a bit far-fetched, because the resemblance is not really obvious.

  4. Questo post mi piace per due motivi:
    1 perche è un pó che pubblichi solamente post di trend/sfilate/ must have e non ti stai focalizzando su quello che in realta dovrebbe essere il tuo blog. E ho paura che di questo i tuoi fan ne risentano.
    2 perchè finalmente hai un cappotto addosso! Sei sempre in giacchetta o addirittura solo maglione!! Caldane o mancanza di bei cappotti da sfoggiare?? A te la risposta…

    1. Carissimo,
      la decisione di non indossare sempre i cappotti è dettata dal fatto che se ogni volta nascondessi l’outfit sotto un capospalla non avrebbe senso..
      il cappotto è un di più che non sempre voglio fare rientrare nell’outfit…
      Quest’anno ho comprato e mi sono stati regalati moltissimi capispalla ma indossarli più di un paio di volta sul blog mi sembra un po’ inutile… non trovi?

  5. La questione non è nascondere l’outfit sotto il cappotto, ma nascondere il cappotto che è parte dell’outfit. Non credo che vai a spasso in gennaio sotto la neve senza cappotto. Secondo me non devi vergognarti a rimettere due volte le stesse cose, dopotutto mica sei berlusconi….

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