Take The Excelsior Milano, special friends, some flutes (maybe to much!) of Champagne, Ladurée Macarons and the new Samsung NEXUS GALAXY: a product that combines the latest technology (Android OS 4.0 with a dual core processor) and an exceptional design. You’ll take a sip of the party I attended on Thursday evening to e the Italian debut of the last Samsung smartphone.
During the party I could check the super speed internet connection, the ease of use, the giant screen (despite my super big hands) and the excellent graphic resolution. In short: a BOMB!
At the end of the evening I was then able to bring home my own Galaxy Nexus. Really a perfect evening, isn’t it?

Ps: I’ll show you this new “special” jacket in one of the next posts.

Prendere L’Excelsior Milano, amici speciali, qualche bicchiere (anche troppi!) di Champagne, Macarons di Ladurée, e il nuovo SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS, un prodotto in grado di coniugare tecnologia d’avanguardia (sistema operativo Android 4.0 con processore dual core) e design eccezionale. Otterrete un assaggio della festa di giovedì sera dove l’ultimo prodotto di casa Samsung ha fatto ufficialmente il suo debutto italiano. 

Ho potuto fin da subito verificare la velocità della connessione ad internet, la facilità di utilizzo, lo schermo davvero gigantesco (nonostante le mie manone) e l’ottima risoluzione grafica. Insomma: una bomba!
A fine serata ho poi potuto portare a casa il mio Galaxy Nexus. Davvero una serata perfetta, non trovate?



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  1. Belle 🙂
    Posso dire che è uno scempio chiamare Macarons le meringhette di Ladurée? 😀 I veri Macarons sono quelli di Pierre Hermé dove vanno tutti i Parigini e se chiedi a loro ti dicono che Ladurée la lasciano volentieri ai turisti.

  2. Good morning.

    Another new phone! But how many do you have now? With all of your phones, no one can say : « you are not a true Italian! »

    In any case this new Galaxy Nexus was made for you. Also I would way: “it’s inspired by you!” Yes, really I guarantee it. It’s because of your fabulous smile! It has inspired the Samsung engineers to create this unlocking system : “Face Unlock”; Your smile is devastating, it unlocks everything ; )

    Joking aside, this new Samsung seems to be fine. In addition, I think it makes great pictures. Moreover, among the pictures published here have you taken with the Galaxy Nexus ?
    Previously, I owned the first samsung touch and it was great too. But the iPhone has been created and I switched… Generally, I am a faithful man (no implied please), therefore I keep my iPhone. In addition, it works great with my MacBook Pro.

    Since you’re going to show us your new “special” jacket in one of the next posts, I don’t speak about it. I’m just saying: “this jacket is beautiful”. Beautiful, but not as much as the two pretty girls with you ; ) (Don’t cry FC, you’re beautiful too).

    It seems to me that this evening was very successful. In any case, Excelsior knows how to entertain guests… Champagne et macarons Ladurée : the winning combination of chic and magical evening… A french combination : )

    Have a good day : )

  3. Fiiiil!!! sn verde d’invidia tipo hulk XD è bellissimo questo nuovo samsung! lo voglio anche io!!! bella giacca! corneliani? 😉

  4. I love talking to an anonymous …

    No unnecessary controversy.
    True, some Parisians (mainly the bohemian-bourgeois, Bobos in french) prefer Pierre Hermé and they say like you, “Ladurée is for tourists”. But, in reality it’s Parisian’s snobbery. It’s Bobos’ snobbery. Because, both brands make good macaroons.

    In addition, I remind you that Pierre Hermé worked at Ladurée before setting up his own brand. So what? When Pierre Hermé worked at Ladurée, macaroons were good and now they are not? They are just good for tourists? It’s a joke! The macaroons’ recipe is the same before, during and after Pierre Hermé has worked at Ladurée.
    However, I admit that Pierre Hermé allowed Ladurée to reconnect with the success.

    As I say, both brands make good macaroons. But for me, Ladurée has “un truc en plus” as we say in French. Ladurée has a magical world, an unique style and an extraordinary story. Ladurée makes me dream, not Pierre Hermé. For me it’s the only difference.

    Have a good day : )

  5. Ma papillon li hai totalmente aboliti dal tuo guardaroba?Tra l’altro sono lo sfondo del tuo blog ed eri solito indossarli agli inizi…

  6. Excuse me Filippo, I get angry a little.

    But, since Pierre Hermé landed in my city, I hear the same speech as “anonymous” : “Pierre Hermé’s macaroons are the best”. Some even dare to say: “Pierre Hermé invented the macaroons”.
    Incredible!!! It’s GOD!!!
    I can’t do anything, but most often it’s the Parisian’s Bobos who say that. Those who left Paris to settle here and give us lessons… As if, before they arrive we were nothing!

    Of course, Pierre Hermé’s macaroons are very good. But in my city other shops also make very good macaroons… Some, for a very long time. And like Ladurée, they didn’t wait Pierre Hermé to do it… That’s why I can’t stand this speech and I get angry a little. Sorry.

    Have a great Sunday : )

    And of course:

    Continue to drink champagne and eat macaroons. It’s the winning combination… A french’s combination!

  7. Useful clarification:
    I hope you understand I don’t hate Pierre Hermé. In my opinion, he’s a great professional and he does an outstanding job. His cakes are wonderful, as his macaroons…
    What I dislike: the Parisian’s Bobos who praise him blindy.

  8. I agree with you.
    But I would say that Pierre Hermé’s success it’s not to make better than the others. He makes very good products, but he’s not the only one.
    His success is to having made the maccaroons a “fashion pastry”… And he did it when he worked at Ladurée.

  9. Otherwise, I think the main topic of your post is : the New Galaxy Nexus. Not macaroons!

    I’m sorry I deviated a little.

    So, what’s your opinion about this new phone?

  10. hey Julien, we got the point: it’s a winning combination, a french combination:
    wow so proud ihih 🙂
    at least, we will remind also France make something good;)
    c’mon, u’re writing on an italian blog, stay cool.
    p.s french cheese is good as well :))))))

    e Filippo, molto bella la giacca, anche quella di Phil,danno proprio l’idea di morbidezza viste addosso:
    Le usi le destrutturate per l’inverno? danno quel tocco di sprezzatura a noi caro;)

  11. The new samsung is amazing!!! definitely one of best smartphone!
    I like it so much!

    solitamente non amo le giacche destrutturate perchè preferisoc sempre essere ben stretto nelle cose che indosso =D
    è una giacca alla quale sono legatissimo ma ve ne parlerò nei prossimi post =D

  12. Yes anonymous, you’re right. There is no need to get excited about some French on an Italian blog : )

    I porpose another combination: a French in Italy!
    This is my dream because I love this country, unfortunately I don’t speak Italian. While I often go in Italy, because I have friends in Roma. But they speak French! So I never made ​​the effort to learn the language.
    I am unforgivable : (
    Especially because my uncle and my aunt lived a long time in Brescia (my uncle ran a explosives’ factory! Truthful. Boom! : D), I could learn with them but I didn’t. At that time I didn’t want. Too bad, now I regret :’-(

  13. @julien
    As a friend of mine wrote it in a magazine
    Pierre Herme is the Givenchy of the macarons
    I agree with That
    Just check his new collection for next spring: it s couture

  14. I m not sure it s an italian blog
    I got the feeling it s more an international ne, is nt it ?
    But just TO bring everybody round on the same way of thinking,
    Just think about this sentence I read from the staff of Laduree
    It s not necessary for us TO go in province: there is everwhere
    Good Macarons Specialists

  15. @BG
    I was waiting for your reaction!
    Excuse me, I continue in French to BG.

    BG, votre commentaire va exactement dans le sens de ce que j’ai écrit plus haut ! Je sais, mon anglais n’est pas excellent, il est donc possible que mon message ne soit pas bien passé. Je reconnais justement que Pierre Hermé est un grand professionnel qui fabrique des produits remarquables et qu’il a eu le génie de faire du macaron un produit “couture” à la mode. Il a d’ailleurs commencé à le faire lorsqu’il travaillait chez Ladurée…

    En revanche, ce que je ne supporte pas, ce sont tous ces individus (je cite les bobos, car c’est l’exemple que j’ai tous les jours sous les yeux dans ma ville de province, mais le débat n’est pas là), je disais donc, tous ces individus qui encensent aveuglément Pierre Hermé et qui jettent aux orties tous les autres. D’où la remarque de “anonyme”, qui nous explique bien gentiment que pour les parisiens Pierre Hermé est tellement bien que Ladurée est juste bon à donner aux touristes. C’est absurde ! Car, comme je l’ai aussi écrit plus haut, les deux maisons fabriquent de bons macarons, elles ont simplement un univers différent. Votre ami utilise le monde de la mode pour faire sa comparaison et bien laissez faire de même : Givenchy créé de très beaux vêtements, mais ce n’est pas le seul à le faire, il y a aussi tous les autres : Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent…
    Voilà, c’est plus clair ?

    Big hug quand même :-* Even if you are a “Bobo” ; ) ; ) ; )

  16. @BG

    “Just think about this sentence I read from the staff of Laduree
    It s not necessary for us TO go in province: there is everwhere
    Good Macarons Specialists”

    I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, everyone hasn’t the intelligence, yes I write “intelligence” to recognize it.

  17. @BG

    You’re right to write : “this blog is not Italian but international.”
    But it makes sense. It’s because Italian elegance has been recognized worldwide. Like our absolutely fabulous Filippo! He’s an international star : )

  18. Children, I leave you.

    I’ll watch on TV: The Devil Wears Prada ; )

    And please, no comment about it !

    Big hug to all of you :-*

  19. I’m writing this comment to 10:25 p.m.

    Excuse-me Filippo, but I think there is a bug with comments.
    I wrote my last comments, one hour and half ago… Unfortunatly they are still not published :’ (

  20. @Julien
    Dear julien
    There is no problem at all
    And you re right: filippo has a real international charisma

    By the way, i love the Devil wears Prada
    The Streel is huuuuuge LOL

    Have a Nice dag

  21. Filippo tu e Phil siete troppo carini in queste foto: mi ricordate una coppia “anni 50” non so se per l’eleganza impeccabile o la tenerezza dei vostri sorrisi

  22. Hi Filippo.

    I confess, I’m increasingly curious to discover your post about this jacket you wear at the party.

    It’s very original, especially with this materials’ combination : corduroy, wool… Indeed, something puzzles me. It seems to me there is a third material, below, near the neck… A yellow material. What’s that ? OK, I wait your post.

    Have a good afternoon : )

  23. the same thing puzzles me as it does for Julien
    I also noticed this yellow flash… near the neck indeed ( remember this orange cardigan Filippo bought and has showed here ? )

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