come da tradizione: maglione RALPH LAUREN
Indosso questo maglione una volta all’anno durante il periodo il periodo di Natale, seguendo quella che ormai è una mia piccola tradizione. E’ un Ralph Lauren che ho acquistato 3 anni fa a New York in preda a un vero colpo di fulmine!
Cosa avete ricevuto per Natale? Sono curioso! Non vedo poi l’ora di potervi mostrare cosa ho ricevuto!
  • Burberry Coat,
  • Incotex Pants,
  • Giacomorelli Slippers,
  • Ralph Lauren Sweater,
  • Asos Spirtfire Sunnies,
  • LV Wallet

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  1. Very cute this sweater
    A good choice, according to me
    When you see all the horrors RL is able to produce with others in the matter!
    Really, it suits you very well
    And this pair of slippers is a tuerie, as we use to say in France
    In others words: it kills !

    By the way i m on holidays in bruxelles, walking in waterloo street, between hermes and gucci lol

  2. Hi Filippo

    Ah ! The famous Ralph Lauren’s “Nordic Sweater” or rather, here, “Reindeer Sweater”. A preppy institution and I would even say an american tradition.

    But, beware gentlemen ! Like the Royal Hem’s jacket, this sweater isn’t for everyone. Indeed, to wear it, there is an imperative: you must be beautiful… like our favorite Filippo. In the opposite case, refrain !!!!!!

    Otherwise, I love your réinterprétation, Filippo. Bravo !
    You had the good idea to not fall into a cliché: Nordic sweater, corduroy pants and hiking boots… Like a trapper.
    With your beautiful Burberry coat and your red slippers… This sweater is becoming very chic. You’ve created the perfect outfit for a cozy winter evening with friends : )

    That’s it. It was my opinion on this look.

    Last point, I know, we shouldn’t be abused of good things. But I waited a few more smiles. I quote you: “I’ll smile more and more just for you in the next posts! =D”.
    I read well : “more and more”. Isn’t it? OK. I won’t to be too demanding. Anyway, you don’t smile all the time, because it’ll be ridiculous.
    I love you anyway, of course without ulterior motive… I say that for BG, because his mind is misplaced ; ) I love you too BG… Don’t cry :’ (

    Have a good evening.

    And don’t forget, every blessed day, make a big hug to those you love and tell them, you love them.

    Big hug :-*

    @BG : Don’t eat too much chocolates, it’s bad for your health!

  3. @BG

    Bracolini ? You mean: Marcolini. Isn’t it ?
    (I think you have abused of something other than chocolate !)
    Unfortunately, my answer is : YES !
    Well, almost… As alcohol, you shouldn’t abuse of it. That’s why, I authorize you to eat some chocolates … But not too much !

    Big hug :-*

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