My First Steps as a Male Fashion Blogger

Eventually here I am!

My name is Filippo and I’m a 23 years-old student of architecture in Milano.
I still don’t know how a blog should exactly run, anyway I hope you’ll find it interesting.
I do not know with certainty which topics will be touched by my blog but what I want to do is shining through my passion for clothing, architecture, art and music, to be short, beauty in general!
This afternoon I had a walk in Brera, which is a very cosy and typical area in the city center of Milano. I was completely shocked in seeing that a Marc By Marc Jacobs’ shop is opening soon in my city! I hope you’ll enjoy this little tip!


This is one of my favourite sweater.

this is Filippo (Phil)

my vintage shoes bought in Paris last november

  1. I LOVE that sweater!!!! Im going to steal it from you. LOL :p
    It looks really good on you. The whole outfit is cool. The bracelet is so pretty.

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