homepage. January 2015

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GQ Italia. January 2015

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Corriere della Sera – Style Magazine – Jan. 2014

Book Moda magazine – Oct. 2013

Watch the full video up on CNNgo

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Marie – Jan. 2014

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GQ Mexico – Jan. 2014

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GQ Mexico – Jan. 2014

Schermata 2014-03-10 alle 15.05.58Schermata 2014-01-28 alle 13.31.29 – detail by Tommy Ton – Jan. 2014


TG2 dossier – Filippo Fiora interview – Sept. 2013

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Grazia.It – Jan. 2014
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GQ Italia – Jun. 2013

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GQ Italia – Jan. 2014

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Rai2 Tv interview with Mariella Milani

Rai2 Tv interview with Mariella Milani

Class Life, Tv interview

Class Life, Tv interview

Elle China

Elle China

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Officiel China


My interview on
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GQ uk

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GQ India
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Elle Romania
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GQ Russia
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GQ Espana
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interview for photo press_Filippo_Fiora_11.png pic by TOMMY TON
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GQ Turkey Homepage
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GQ Turkey
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Chinese fashion Mag
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New York Magazine
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Teenvogue, fashion click
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GQ South Africa
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Più, inserto de “la Pronvincia”
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Lisbon and Porto Metro magazine
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 photo press_Filippo_Fiora_35.png singapore

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GQ Russia
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El Pais Semanal

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Street Cool Book
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Elle Romania
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Elle Korea photo Elle_Korea.jpg