When you are invited to a dinner by acquaintances or friends, bring along a small gift is a gesture of good education that wishes to thank you for the invitation received. Symbol of appreciation and gratitude, the gift expresses joy and generosity, you must select it with care, remember not to overindulge in excessive and expensive gifts, but even in gifts that give an image of sloppiness and randomness. A lovely gift, well packaged and accompanied by a note of best wishes will be, without a doubt, the perfect choice.

To choose a gift, you must take into account the type of invitation and tastes of the owners: there are some simple rules of etiquette to keep in mind.

If the invitation comes from acquaintances, you must follow the formal rules: it is advisable to send flowers as a gift for the woman only the following day, so as to avoid the Mrs. problems. Another fine idea can be represented by a floral centerpiece or a wreath with flowers, fruits and berries. If the landlord is instead a man, a classic and timeless gift is the wine, which will be a dessert or aperitif brut. The quality will be fine and refined, like a great sparkling wine or champagne brand. Advised against table wines, the guests will already have thought about them in conjunction with the menu selection. It’s important to remember to bring the wine already at a suitable temperature, detail always appreciated.

A bottle of whisky is another suitable gift for the owner. Whisky has been created to be sipped in quiet moments and it helps strengthening people’ s relationships. Amongst the various brands we warmly recommend Johnnie Walker: with its different labels it can meet the tastes of the most sophisticated palates.

A suitable present for women and men it’s a box of chocolates, they must be well packaged and from a renowned pastry.

Never bring the dessert because owners will have already thought about it.

If dinner is at friends home, you can ask them if  bring a wine or a dessert, according to their preferences and needs; alternatively you recommend gifts to the person, such as books or household items. Importantly, in these cases, it will be a nice package: good taste, elegance, personality and measurement guide the choice. In the event that the hosts have children, you can opt for a gift for them.

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  1. ragazzi, ci sono innumerevoli errori morfosintattici e ortografici. Vi consiglio un ulteriore lettura. Inoltre al passo “Sconsigliati i vini da tavola, poiché gli ospiti avranno già provveduto ad essi” è logico ci si riferisca ai padroni di casa e non agli ospiti.

  2. Ciao Antonio,
    Non trovo errori nel post.

    Anche tu dovresti prestare maggiore attenzione.
    Per prima cosa “un’ulteriore lettura” vuole l’apostrofo e, se non lo sai, per ospiti ci si può riferire sia a chi ospita sia a chi è ospitato 😉

  3. Non si serve mai e poi mai un vino che è stato mosso in tragitto o qualsiasi altra situazione, cambi temperatura, sbalzi di luce.
    Per cui che senso avrebbe portarlo freddo? E come mai non un grande bordolese? Tanto non va servito la sera stessa. È un gran gesto portare una grande bottiglia o un trittico.
    In più, vedo che parlate di champagne, per capire se uno champagne è di grande qualità va bevuto anche fuori temperatura, poiché quando sono fuori temperatura presentano i loro errori.

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