Packing your luggage: a blessing and a curse. There are many people who like to travel, but very few people who think that pack before departure is something exciting. For us it’s the same, but trip after trip we learned some little tricks that can make things easier. There are some precise rules that have to be follwed, and other common-sense solutions. Today we want to share with you some tips that we have learned “on the field”.

Prepare your suitcase wisely. Before facing a trip, is essential to think about what you are going to wear during the days spent away from home. Bring passe-partout clothes and especially think of standard combinations to enrich with different accessories.

Point to a predominant color. A cool idea may also be to select a color and then proceed to identify pieces that can properly match. It has no sense to pack randomly, such as a pair of black shoes, a green belt and a pair of blue pants; instead it would be correct to choose, for example, a pair of brown shoes which can consequently combine a beige pants, a brown and a pair of jeans, shirts in neutral colors and a couple of sweaters or blazers.

Don’t bring the whole closet. Upon returning from a trip, you constantly occur to have brought too many things. Always remember that the essential pieces for a week’s holiday are: – 3 pairs of long pants (one jeans + two more formal pairs) – 4 or 5 shirts and 2 or 3 t-shirts – 2 pairs of shoes and one more for the evening – one jacket and a sweater.

Storing garments suitcase. In making the suitcase, the main rule is that what is heavier must be placed on the bottom. Start your suitcase putting the shoes, then pass to pants, sweaters and finally shirts. Put the blazers on top.

The shoes, good ally. It will not be the height of elegance, but the inside of the shoes can be a great compartment for storing small delicate items that may be break during the transport.

Separate clothing. Tissues or trivial sheets of paper can be used to separate a garment from the other so as to avoid the more superficial wrinkles.

The importance of hand luggage. Many people (including us) prepare the hand luggage too lightly, without thinking that this could be our best ally in case of delay or loss of baggage. You should always carry a shirt or a t-shirt, underwear and the whole beauty case for bathroom, in the format allowed by the airlines.

Empty the suitcase. I know, just arrived at the hotel we would do everything except unpack, but, more the clothes stay in the suitcase and more they crease. A tip? Fill the tub of boiling water, hang clothes in the bathroom and leave them there for about 20 minutes. With the humid heat they will come back as new (or almost).

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  1. Osservazione innocua: nel bagaglio a mano non credo sia possibile portarsi il “necessaire per il bagno”, che tra creme, forbicine, liquidi e oggetti metallici vari contiene tutto ciò che è potenziale confiscabile al check-in (poi dipende sempre da dove parti: in certi paesi la sicurezza aeroportuale è ai livelli del secolo scorso). Salutazioni! ✌️

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