EDHÈN Milano Spring Summer 2017 collection presentation.

Escape to where the sky is bluer. To where the emerald green of the palm trees contrasts with the dense yellow of the coats of wild animals.
Exotic getaway.
Far from the mundane, a journey on the road to inner freedom.

Edhèn confirms its classical, cool identity.
It leads us into a harmonic universe, punctuated by the power of colours, of matter,
and by purity of form.

The classic foundation, although influenced by new alchemies which can eradicate
old thought patterns, offers a new vision of male footwear.

Using the raw flavour of raphia to strip its varnish gives the Operà Pump, a classic tuxedo shoe, a whole new meaning.
Coarse ecru twines form the elongated silhouette of this Brummel-inspired slip-on shoe,
evocative of leisurely strolls along the coast of Antibes.

Slip on the glam.

An escape carried out with chromatic awareness. A balanced lightness that can be observed through the triumph of vibrant suede: old gold, Prussian blue, Savoy blue and crimson,
for loafers covered in small embroidered running zebras, palm trees and exotic plants and
animals inspired by a pop aesthetic characterised by extreme formal detail
in terms of proportions and colour contrasts.

And more colour still, with the double buckles imbued with hues of teal, pearl copper and wheat which make up the tapered, affably snob gaiters (Brera).
The suede gives way to the pineapple and tobacco nuances in the tumbled leather,
which contrast with the dark brown sole: archetypes of cultured dandyism
embodied by the Kensignton.
It edges away from the reassuring smooth surface of the Marais model with its tassels,
an ancient reminder of timeless elegance.

The high-instep sandal, reminiscent of childhood, is glammed up by rough textures,
shades of desert sand and taupe and natural leather buckles.

The sneakers present pastel colour trilogies: champagne/ cognac/ ivory;
aloe green/ sage green/ Titanium white.
This elegant, contemporary vision of footwear renounces all notions of the ‘active’ in order to pay tribute to a new form new urban elegance.

Heavenly, just as the brand name suggests.

For more please visit edhenmilano.com

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Milano, June 18th 2016
Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

A special thanks to
Dom Pèrignon
Camera Nazionale della Moda
Gianmatteo Malchiodi Interiors
Eleonora Proietti
Della Volpe and Partners
Amedeo Moretti & Claudia Ciabatti
Paola Locati

For more please visit edhenmilano.com

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  1. Complimenti per presentazione, davvero elegante!
    Oltre alla collezione, ho particolarmente apprezzato l’allestimento, i pezzi vintage e il fatto che abbiate servito il mio champagne preferito

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