Designing and thinking Architecture begin most of the times by a plain drawing on a plain format, but when it comes to spatial conception, volumetry is a reality that fully enrichs a project. Architects that forget this essential fact often get their projects in a transitional drift from the conceptual phase to the modelling and building time.

 photo Ricardo_Bofill_Taller_de_Arquitectura_La_Muralla_Roja_Calpe_Spain_2.jpg

By these operations Architecture always gain in concept and abstraction. Definitely allows a project to be enjoyed by any eye, even is not educated in looking at Architecture because it makes an experience of every centimeter, every path and every material choice. This process helps to achieve exclusiveness on each floor letting rhythms flow by superposition, addition and subtraction on architectural elements like staircases, terraces and even vacuum.

So, that is why we are talking today about Ricardo Bofill Leví (Barcelona, 5th December 1939) Spanish Postmodernist Architect. There are many type of Architects: bookish ones, teaching ones, critics, builders and then, there is this other type to which Bofill belongs: the creative ones, who need a high developed space feeling. He says that being Architect requires 10% talent and 90% hard-work. Design, Architecture and Urban Planning give the name to his atelier, formed by his two partners: Peter Hodgkinson and Jean-Pierre Carniaux, and near 60 other collaborators between researchers, designers, model-makers, interior, furniture and graphic designers.

“It is a long road that asks for high quality technique… Futhermore, you need to keep your ego conveniently located”

So, 10 years of designing were needed for La Muralla Roja — The Red Wall — in Spain’s Mediterranean Calpe. Built in 1973, this housing project makes clear references to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean Area, a result of the architect’s inspiration by the Mediterranean tradition of the casbah, which is the walled citadel typical of traditional North African’s Architecture.

 photo 3_DSC_0412 copia.jpg

The striking colors that cover the outer and inner facades are selected to either contrast with nature or complement its purity, red tones cover the exterior façade accentuating the contrast with the landscape and blues are for stairs and circulation surfaces that visually create continuity with the sky. Characterized by a series of interlocking stairs, platforms and bridges, this organization provides access to the 50 apartments that form it. Three different apartment sizes are connected by the desire of Bofill to provide enhanced living through roof terraces, solarium, swimming pool and sauna.

 photo 2_DSC_0417-1 copia.jpg

43 years seem a lot of time for many things, but for Ricado Bofill’s Architecture seem like very short time. The Red Wall is on the front row these days as scenery for many fashion campaigns that create that magic atmosphere where Design flows between Fashion and Architecture. Jesús del Pozo S/S 16 Fashion Film has taken place here and allows you to enjoy getting lost around the building. Also, Zara Home S/S 16 Catalogue has been photographed here and shows the perfect essence of the project.

 photo iyfp_muralla_roja_calpe_spain_ricardo_bofill_taller_arquitectura_18.jpg

Would you like to get lost in La Muralla Roja ?

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