Looking for inspiration is, nowadays, one of our daily tasks. It feels like it is compulsory to live in an inspiring atmosphere.

Magazines, books, Pinterest… All of them are like knowledge and inspiration fountains, but when it comes to instant, good-looking, caring contents Instagram is the one. Checking the latest feed on our accounts is almost involuntary  in these 2.0 days. So, here you can find dreamy, beautiful shots to carry on your routine in the TheThreeF way.

[email protected]_KATZ

 photo 0.jpg

Macramé, colored patterns, good-chosen greens. Icon pieces mixed with vintage ones giving all the attention to them and to the spaces that are shown.

Emily definitely knows how to make a display case of her own house and all of the good, interesting items that we can appreciate hanging on the walls.

 photo 1_2.jpg

Overlaying fabrics of different nature with specific flora and large-size art work harmonically and invite to think about our spaces.

[email protected]

 photo 3_1.jpg

Constantly moving on trends and layering patterns give that constantly dynamic look to the rooms that Jennifer displays to the world.

That bohemian, charming combination of plain pieces with hanging plants ask everybody for a cup of tea and a good book.

 photo 4_5_1.jpg

If you are looking for combining different patterns @fleamarketfab is what you need, minimalists not allowed.

[email protected]

 photo 6_2.jpg

Blank canvas could be the specific word to describe Santiago’s space in Berlin, every shot shows us how to arrange beautiful, interesting classy pieces and design classics in many different ways in a characteristic same space.

 photo 7_1.jpg

Finesse and confluence tell the most of his gallery. Giving prominence to details and spots is a lesson to take from this Berliner-adopted Architect.

 photo 8.jpg

[email protected]_THE_NAVE

 photo 9.jpg

European Design History and 20th Century Modernism releasing is what can be found at The Nave.

Amounts of original and unique pieces that can help you to spend hours imagining where to display them at your own space.

 photo 10_11.jpg

Definitely, these spaniards know how to maintain recent-icon’s designs alive.

[email protected]

 photo 12.jpg

Certainly the best guide for Greening interiors. Astounding blending of plants, pottery and decoration in between studied spaces that empower the idea of proper choices for each living area.

Learning not every plant is polyvalent for every space is a good point to take from them.

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