“The most beautiful race car in the world”.
These are the words that Enzo Ferrari, founder of the pracing horse car manufacturer based in Maranello , used to describe the Mille Miglia.
This was happening in the 50’s but the race made its debut in 1927 by the wish of four close friends. A game, a strong passion for the 4 wheels or just the desire of competing with the Italian Grand Premio di Monza born in the same years: these are the ingredients making the Mille Miglia so unique.

The race always start and finish in Brescia, close to the Garda Lake, and looping through Rome. On the way little cities and villages crowded with people waiting for the convoy of the world’s most valuable classic cars to come interspersed with some of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy.

Mille Miglia is also unique because of its mixed crews. Fathers and sons, friends and couples for life join the race: different stories but all identical for the same desire to play the game.
Even the cars are incredible. Only models manufactured between 1927 and 1957 who have passed a rigorous entry test can attend the race.
Among them, driving a Porsche 550 RS, the couple formed by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard, at the side of his longtime friend and renowned Belgian driver Jacky Ickx.

Chopard has been partnering with Mille Miglia for almost thirty years, a tight fellowship that strengthens the indissoluble bond between men, engines and timepieces. A unique partnership, born of the personal passion of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele for classic cars. In fact thanks to his impulse, Chopard is the main sponsor of the competition and one of the first watch brands to associate its name to the automotive world.

“Lovers of beautiful cars often have a soft spot for the most precious timepieces, and vice versa. In these two world, extreme precision and sporty elegance are extremely important” – Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

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 photo IMG_2229.jpg

Filippo and Filippo both wear Chopard MilleMiglia 2016 XL race edition watch

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