It is a fact that color has evolved in importance for menswear these days. Slowly but surely it has taken importance above patterns and textures. Designers’ translation of this is shown in a renewed focus on contemporary sport, archetypes of men’s uniforms, and plenty of luxe classic that can show through the pieces of design our meant-to-be wishes: cityscapes, island getaways or country scenes.

Seaside season is always considered as a vibrant colored one, but this S/S 16’ we will find from mid-tones to brights palette, not bypassing pastels and neutrals.


Tailored grey and British khaki are the main ones we think about when we are looking to complement any pattern or any other color palette, but classic styles and clean silhouettes have risen the importance of the neutrals: a subtle green and grey cast take most of the cast — hues like mushroom, faint grey, chamois or tailored grey. Matching both, upper and lower pieces on neutrals may let you look in a  kind of time-honored and chic way, but if you tend to choose edgy pieces you will rock a trendy outfit.


Looking forward to add a little color to an outfit, but in a softer, more subtle manner is how pastels get into action. From preppy and edgy to sporty or glam, pastel colors can be incorporated in any kind of outfit and can be worn by anyone in almost any setting and at any age. Called the “new neutral”, many of the hues are based in some kind of beige that lead us to the 1980’s Miami Vice. Buff, mauve-vist, petal pink, faded sunshine, orange rind, sea foam or shoreline blue are the ones reminiscenting that summer nature.


That Nature has been the largest influence for designers for S/S 16’ is obvious. Keeping that in mind is necessary to stare at the magnificent treasures that surround us in search of inspiration. Less saturated shades than last season bring us a masculine yet refined range of options: vintage indigo, sunset gold, tyrian purple, chilled malbec or sienna brown are about to become our basics palette to compliment with textured fabrics or leather.


Definition of Summer joy is played by this palette. Vibrant mid-tones lead the attention of the vegetaL palette: chlorophyll green, limoncello and newer shades of Coral and Watermelon influenced by pink and grapefruit casts. Attending to amusing hues bubblegum pink is the one. On the other hand, orchid and aqua are the selection of emerging this season with custard and chartreuse. By adding these colors to classic items we get a fresh and contemporary feeling.

 photo G_CUSTARD.jpg

Which one is your palette ?

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