As every month of May comes by, we tend to look forward scheduling our summer needs. Temperature rising up, sun glowing intense, mind traveling to every single paradise on earth… But we cannot take good decisions without being up-to-date, so here you can get some inspiration for the first thing you need to be on track: your feet, your shoes.

1. Jack-of-all-trades
Sporting proper shoes in a certain dress-code has no clue; but when it comes to Spring-Summer events, when it is very clear when we will be starting, but not when will be finishing, we need to have an ace in the hole – a jack-of-all-trades kind of shoes.

 photo acne espadrillas.jpg

These Acnè Studios (available here) or Dolce&Gabbana espadrilles(available here) could be that versatile piece. Suitable for a pool party, a day on the  beach lounge with matching beachwear or for some drinks at night with dress pants.

 photo 6.jpg

2. Travel partners
Thinking about wandering around the Globe cannot be braked by any harm. Please considering taking these sneakers-espadrilles combo by Valentino (available here) before putting on your running ones, even though you have been told it is fashionable, it is not anymore.

 photo 5.jpg

3. Smart minimalism
Not allowed for everyone, but if you are that one, take account of wearing sandals during the hottest days. Trying to not look like an spartan is essential: be simple. Wearing them with printed shorts in tropical climes, or with clean-cut chinos if you remain in the city are both fantastic ways to look dapper. Check these ones from Mr. Álvaro González (available here) ; they look like craftsman’s ones, but in a very minimalist aesthetic.

 photo 4.jpg

4. Italian style reloaded
When it comes to night events dressing, Summer allows us a bit more of flexibility, but without losing our essence. Opting for classics is always a good decision, choosing a bright colour can make the most of our outfit. Look at this turquoise crocodile 1953’s from Gucci (available here), combining them with gentle pieces can be top; but if you prefer less risky choices look at all the palette available.

 photo 2.jpg
 photo 1 copia.jpg

On the other hand, you can give a turn to your closet ground; Italian style reloaded can feel more like Spring/Summer 2016, so these Edhèn Milano Opera Pumps can be another choice for the most classy gentlemen.

 photo IMG_9499.jpg

5. Festival waves
Those long summer nights which seem to last forever in our memories need to be considered too. Leather, dark colors, studs, irreverency… All these features present in these Saint Laurent espadrilles (available here) define as its best those youth, crazy, non-stop festival nights.

 photo 7.jpg


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