A good suit lasts a lot longer if you make every effort to preserve its longevity. It’s very important to properly take care of them, which is why we have compiled a small list of tips and tricks to ensure that your suit remains beautiful for a long time.

Obviously the suit should be kept upright, inside a large wardrobe, hanging in appropriate hangers: perfect in cedar, which absorb moisture and act as insect repellents.

The ideal is to keep them inside a hanger leaving the zip slightly ‘open, to make them breathe, avoiding thereby the formation of mold.

A real danger for suits in wool are the moths: because they can lay hundreds of eggs that are hatched once a veritable death sentence for the clothes, leaving stains that will not be away. How to prevent them? First of all, regularly cleaning the cabinet and using some tricks. A good method is to use mothballs, which can have an unpleasant odor, but work very well. Another option is represented by leaves of dried lavender placed in sealed bags to put in the pockets of the blazer: repel moths without odor.

Is also useful to keep in mind some things when the clothes are worn, for example, avoid using the same suit for two days in a row, because the clothing needs a day off to breathe. Hang them in the right way is another important point, as well as clean them daily to dust, small stains and residues in the pockets.

Avoid putting too many things in your pocket, it puts pressure on the seams that could be damaged. Before you sit down, you may want to unbutton the suit jacket, so as not to create tension on it. Once seated, pull your pants up at the thigh. Both of these measures, in addition to avoid ruining the suit, will make it more comfortable.

As for the dry cleaning, you should not take them too often to the laundry, washing should be done only when the suits is really dirty because the chemicals involved could ruin them. A clothes brush and an hand steamer are more than sufficient in several cases.

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