Outfit, clothes, posture, manners: the components that make a common man a modern gentleman are many and must be well recognized. Clothes declare the personality of the wearer, which is why a brief guide of 10 tips to look more elegant both simplify the daily routine and the rules for more formal occasions. Because details make the difference.

Here is a brief guide 10 tips on how to look more elegant in any situation.

1. Don’t leave home without a quick pass of a good brush for fabrics, will make the outfit looks perfect  in less than five minutes.

2. A rule for almost all single-breasted jackets: leave the bottom button unbuttoned.

3. Avoid wearing visible logos, especially when you need to dress for a formal occasion. If you have style, people con see it in what you wear and how you wear it, not to the brand.

4. Take off your hat when you are inside a public space.

5. Absolutely don’t wear belt and braces at the same time, even if you love both styles, it’s better to choose one at a time. Evitrea to opt for braces when pants are customized with a half belt or have regulators back side.

6. When you wear a black belt, the shoes must be in the same color. The same goes for the brown, which is a viable alternative for different occasions.

7. Itìs said that the length of the tie should get to touch the belt. But in case you wearing medium-low waits pants, the tie will be a bit ‘shorter.

8. Avoid matching tie and handkerchief in the same fabric and texture.

9. When you wear a suit, make sure to always match the knee-high socks, never shorter.

10. Always make sure that heels, soles and toe of the leather shoes are in excellent condition. Better to take them to the shoemaker before they are very damaged, it will be less expensive and the shoes will last longer.

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