The Modern Gentleman likes to have a beautiful beard, is a strong trend which continues to grown. The beard can be considered the ultimate male accessory: cured, refined and defined, it’s perfect for a man who wants to give to his look a mysterious and masculine appeal. But what are the main trends for 2016?

The Long-Medium Length Beard

During the next season will return to the medium-long length beard, ending about two inches below the chin. It’s a beard that doesn’t go unnoticed as length and fullness, but has a controlled cut and is hipster’s inspired. Unshaven man provides a intellectual and artistic charm, in line with a disheveled and wild hairstyle. The shape of this beard follows the shape of the face, where its hanging at the level of the cheeks is clear and strong, in contrast to the fullness of the beard. Once set edges and length, it’s important to care for it, using specific products such as an oil, which keeps it moist.

This style only works if you have a full beard and is particularly suited to hide a small chin or lengthen a round face. Who has a long face should opt for a shorter beard.

 photo Beard-Trends-for-2016.jpg

The Short Beard

The short beard is an evergreen also suitable for those who work in a office and need a sober and cured look. It’s an easy to care type of beard, which fits to most of the hairstyles. The shape of the short beard follows the corners of the face and doesn’t measure more than 1 centimeter, a form which can be left longer close to the chin. This beard is able to sculpt facial features, giving proportion to the chin and cheekbones, making the face more harmonious.

Suitable for any face shape and not only to those who have a very thick beard, this style be retouched once a week or every two weeks and obviously cared a shaving oil that keep the skin well hydrated.

 photo Beard-Trends-for-2016-4.jpg

The Stubble Beard

A more sober version of the short beard is the stubble. Fresh and versatile, this type of beard needs a constant exfoliation and a good moisturizer. The beard is suitable for those who love a slovenly look, but only in appearance, it can also be brought to the office.

How to get it: grow your beard about 3-5 mm and at that point precisely define the margins, cutting with a professional razor neck and beginning of the cheeks.

 photo barba-e-baffi8.jpg

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