The sportswear is nothing new in the male wardrobe, but has recently become a trend that came out from gyms to fit into the daily lifestyle. If the “Athleisure” style, as it is called in the jargon, was originally worn in underground contexts and linked to popular subculture, it couldn’t be seriously taken  on a global scale. But when it started to appear on the catwalks of all the major fashion brand it has become a full-blown trend, which has plagued the icons of fashion and the street-style. An undoubtedly practical trend, that you can’t admit it, very comfortable, but reserve shortfall in style and terrible mistakes just around the corner. Here’s some advice to enter the casual and sportswear in the wardrobe as it wants the trend, by mixing Athleisure pieces to classic ones, playing with styles, weights and materials. The Athleisure, in the male wardrobe, made its first appearance in sweatpants in finest materials, attention to detail and with contemporary cuts, moving then to modern cut blazer, varsity jackets and pea coats. Starting, then, from joggers, which can be divided into two main types: those that are  really used in the gym, so breathable, practical and sportive, and those that are used in everyday life.

What’s the main difference? Fabrics and materials. But if you wear a pair of jogger is so comfortable that it seems to fit comfortably on your sofa, what matters is to wear them with style and personality, perhaps combined with a cotton sweatshirt with round neck or a button-down shirt. Don’t exaggerate the look wearing hooded sweatshirts and, of course, avoid from soccer or basketball t-shirt. As regards the jackets, most of the models from the Athleisure style are surprisingly practical, cool and useful. They come in different cuts, colors and styles: an ultra thin nylon jacket is a great middle layer between a parka and a t-shirt. A cool and unique model is undoubtedly the varsity jacket, now reinterpreted with many materials. And perfect for a street-style look and is to wear it a bit wide and baggy. Moving on to talk about sweaters, are in true Athleisure style, the lightweight fabric models, with breathable technologies and minute details. The cuts are very slim and models are ideally suited to be combined with bomber jackets, parkas and casual coats. Also hoodies, undoubtedly practices during the rainy days, represent, wear just open, a great layer in a layering style. Finally, the trainers or sneakers, have been officially cleared for some time and represent a real trend. Nike and Adidas, but also Santoni, Hogan and Gucci, made clean and simple models, maybe in white leather, they’are really wearable in everyday life and look great with a pair of dark trousers in wool. The matching socks will be full of personality, otherwise, green light to invisible socks that leave bare the ankle.

From the need to satisfy leisure and sports, was born Aeance, a new collection featuring items for training, but casual at the same time, designed in collaboration with the German designer Hien Le. Windbreakers jersey technical, long and short sleeves shirt, windproof vest have a functional nature, which gives a nod to the glamor and design.

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