The haircut is the business card of a man and there are some classic and timeless hairstyles that a true gentleman should know and, why not, experience once in a lifetime.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

An hairstyle born during the ’20s, when men brought only haircut suitable to wear hats. Since then, the slicked back it has become a real timeless classic, suitable for different face shapes and different ages. The hair is left long on the head, while the sides are blended with the machine, the ideal is to already have pretty smooth hair.
To re-create it: dry your hair and comb it back using an opaque water-based paste, to give it a contemporary finish.

 photo 4-TIMELESS-MENS-HAIRSTYLES-3.jpg photo Slicked-Back-2.jpg

The Side Parting

It was a popular cut during the 40s, which is now back in vogue and quite easy to implement and maintain. Suitable for many facial shapes, the cutting line side is accomplished by combing wet hair with precision, that are going to be fixed with a styling product.

 photo 4-TIMELESS-MENS-HAIRSTYLES-2.jpg photo Side-Part.jpg photo Side-Part-3.jpg

Long Haircut

A versatile look that can easily be declined for office life as a day at the beach. The male haircut that reaches the shoulder is able to give a sensual and wild look to a man who is attentive to detail and dresses with good taste. Hard to get, because it takes perseverance to be able to grow your hair below the ears, the long haircut is characterized by texture, scaling and soft waves to be defined with specific styling products.

 photo Long-3.jpg photo 4-classic-mens-hairstyle-long.jpg

Pompadour Hairstyle

The term which is called this particular hairstyle comes from Madame de Pompadour, the famous Marquise of the ‘700 who loved to style her hair upwards. It’s a cut that requires strong and thick hair,  they must to be able to support the volume created.
To recreate: comb your hair back, taking care to raise them vertically on the front and then down in a wave toward the back of the head. There is a variant of the Pompadour with a part, in which a net row divides the hair from one temple to the center of the skull. Important, for the Pompadour hairstyle, is to have high quality products, presenting careful not to overload the hair with too much material.

 photo 4-classic-mens-hairstyle-Pompadour.jpg photo Pompadour-2.jpg photo Pompadour-3.jpg

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  1. Loving this blog! I’ve always tried to fashion my hair like the pompadour style but often it just gets frizzy or doesn’t work. I’ve got really thick and weavy hair. I’d love a slick back style but I think that’s more for thin haired people

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