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08.00 am – Clothes to us aren’t just a big passion but also our most important work tool. We generally change our outfits twice a day but it happens to do it three or four times especially during fashion week season.

Our morning always starts choosing the right outfit for the day. We like to take pictures of what we are going to wear in order to have a global vision of the whole look. These images are also an incredibly useful every time we are in trouble on what to wear.

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08.30 am – Let’s start with phone calls!

We are not just the public face of The Three F but we also personally manage most of the aspects behind the website. We like building up projects together with our clients as well as developing most of the creative contents. It’s really challenging and stimulating even if this makes us busy almost 15 hours a day.

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09.00 am – Breakfast time. A good cappuccino and a croissant are part of our daily essentials and our routine can’t start without them.

Our followers get crazy about pictures of food so before starting to “binge on breakfast” it’s mandatory for us to take a tasty picture.

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10.00 am – Checking our steps and calories on the Huawei Watch. Can we say that our sport consist in walking and running from a meeting to another?

We don’t have so much time for sports but a good physical appearance is part of our job. To do so we generally avoid junk food, fried food and carbs (almost impossible to respect then we are in Italy) and we alternate workout and running.

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11.00 am – Things are getting serious. Every time we got important emails or messages, no matter where we are going to sit.

We have a proper office but since we are always traveling we developed the ability to recreate a good working station everywhere. It happened to us to do a business call in the middle of the desert as well as to answer a big email on a Caribbean beach.

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01.00 pm – Lunch time. When we don’t have enough time for a proper lunch, “gelato” can be the best and quickest choice.

We prefer to have a healthy salad at home for lunch while we generally go out for dinner. Milan is full of restaurants so it’s always a good occasion to try a new one.

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04.00 pm – My Huawei Watch and Huawei Mate S are always connected.

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07.30 pm – Aperitivo! We are Italians and after 7 pm it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of our friends.

We like inviting friends home or hanging out with them.
Our favourite places in Milano are the Bulgari Hotel, the brand new Mandarin Hotel and Corso Como 10.
We generally drink white wine but we can also go for a spritz or Moscow Mule.

If you want to read more about our daily routine
you can find it here

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