First day of the first year of university, what to wear and what to bring with you? University life has its own routine, but also many news, such as lessons, friendships, exams, parties …

University means intense study, but also so much fun and what matters most is to learn how to manage your time. How to be prepared to a new and different chapter of your life. Here there are some practical tips to start your college career with a unique style and everything you need.


Starting from the essential, you have to buy a good alarm: losing classes, breakfast with friends and meetings is negative not only for an academic career, but also to develop a good social life, an integral and essential part of the university years.

Another indispensable in the life of the “perfect university student” is undoubtedly a good laptop or tablet. The students who take notes by hand are fews, they always carry a small lightweight laptop or a fast tablet that simplifies the days and allowing you to easily take notes in class, but also be connected on social networks with the classmates and stay up to date on the latest news.

It must be borne in mind that study days not only spend within the university classrooms, to be the true king of the campus you need to have a proper place where to bring in friends, acquaintances and fellow students. An ideal room to study, but also to have fun, perfect in every detail to make feel at home even a new acquaintance.

Moving on to the uniform of the ideal student, there are some clothes and accessories that are a must-have in the university wardrobe. We’re talking about practical, informal and comfortable clothing that allow you to live the university daily life from morning to night. A pair of slim fit jeans, a polo shirt (better a striped one), a round neck sweater, a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers are perfect for an everyday casual style. Essential, is to have a good bag that can be shoulder or a backpack. The inspiration to take is: Preppy, still very popular in the USA universities, but it can be adapted in a more modern and contemporary way. A practical look that in the case of meetings or exams can be made more formal with the help of a blue blazer, a shirt and a pair of brogues. To wear suit and tie there will be time..


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  1. Filippo ciao! i tuoi consigli sono sempre utilissimi…speriamo che la prassi di scrivere a mano finisca.
    chissà come eri tu quando eri universitario…sembra ieri, eppure sono passati secoli: secondo me eri tu il re del campus
    complimenti per il blog

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