An extraordinary voice, big lips, sinuous even more than a snake and with a tumultuous love life. Who are we talking about? Obviously of the king of rock and roll: Mick Jagger. One of the most famous and iconic frontman in history that changed look more often than women, influencing the fashion of the 70s.

Component and frontman of the Rolling Stones, Michael Philip Jagger was born in Dartford,  Kent, and in July 1943, and is one of the greatest music personalities of all time.

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Jagger is a combination of boldness and aesthetics, both masculine and feminine, just like his colleague and rock star Jimi Hendrix and, in the following decades, Prince. His transformations over the years have been many, but all characterized by his strong personality.

In the 60s Jagger loved to wear relaxed silk printed shirts, thin scarves and fancy ties, shetland wool sweaters, rugby pullovers and high-waisted trousers. But he adored customize each garment and with his style, especially in concert where his personality grew stronger and wild. In 1971 Jagger married the model Bianca Perez Mora Macias, dressed by Tommy Nutter, tailoring of Savile Row. His androgynous silhouette and his narrow hips (only 70 cm) accentuated all his looks and especially his movements. Mr. Jagger loved flirting with styles and female form, in a mixture of sex, drugs, floral prints and love. He wore velvet pants with nothing on.

Over the next decade his fame was celebrated and proclaimed surrounded by fans and media, Jagger evolves his sense of style with rebellion and frenzy: high-waisted jeans, suede boots and football pants accentuated by suspenders. Jagger is now a living legend, a character who embodies the spirit of rebellion, leader of a group that has marked the 70s. After his marriage to Bianca, were many women at his side: Chrissie Shrimpton, Marsha Hunt, Jerry Hall and Luciana Gimenez, who gave birth to her seventh child. Many people have tried to imitate the Jagger’s style, but only few are able to convey so much natural charisma and such a great energy.

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