Do you ever wonder if you’re part of that small number of people who know how to appropriately dress and have a totally innate good taste? Here there are ten ways to know if you’re really fashionable.


You know how to adapt your personal taste to occasions and circumstances.

Opportunities in life aren’t all equal and, be able to adapt your style to different contexts without giving up being yourself is synonymous of intelligence, sensitivity and good taste.

People often ask you where you purchases clothing and accessories.

Your friends, your family, but also people you meet in the street ask you which brand is your coat, where you bought your bag or shoes. In addition, they would like to, or sometimes they really run to buy exactly the same item.

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You can easily describe your style in three words.

Looking at the way you dress, you know how to describe it with only three adjectives: it means you have a clear idea of who you are and how you want to show it to the world. An example? Chic, classic, refined.

In your closet: all the must-have clothes and accessories.

Within your wardrobe you’ve got all those clothes and accessories always considered iconic and fabulous: a little black dress, a beige trench coat, a pair of leopard print pumps, a black bag…


You know which colors are better for you.

It’s amazing how colors and textures are able to bring out the face, complexion, smile: emphasize your image. You know how to match them with taste and which will enhance you better.

Your family and friends often contacts you to ask advice.

Often your family and close friends ask you to accompany them to go shopping, they ask advice on what to wear to major events and want to know all of your look.


People look at your Instagram outfits post for inspiration.

You like to publish on Instagram images with your outfits because you know that for many people will be a source of inspiration and appreciation.

You can look at a picture of few years ago and noticed a good look.

You’re looking at a photo of yourself to a few days, months or years ago, and you can still find your look suitable, appropriate and probably fashion.

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You know how to mix different kind of brands.

You don’t need to only wear luxury brands, your trained eye helps you find amazing clothing and accessories in a vintage shop or in a low cost store.

You never have the feeling of not being appropriately dressed.

You never find yourself dressed in an excessive way, trivial or strange in any occasion, but always perfect for that specific context.

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