With the rising of the temperature, dress ing with style can’t be hard.
If in clothing the easiest solution can be opting for natural fibers and light colors, the choice for what is about shoes is a bit more difficult.

Sandals are a wonderful solution to beat the heat, but finding the right pair and knowing how to properly match them it’s not easy.
A big mistake is just around the corner so the choice must be accurately done.
No shoe as a sandal can represent so many pitfalls: to be too big, too feminine, too hippy or too sporty. The line between trend and trash is very thin, so here you can find some tips for how to wear and not to wear men’s sandals during summer.

What we first need to examine are the size of the foot and ankle, and the proportion between them. Having a clear idea of ​​what is necessary to minimize or emphasize, you can best proceed in choosing the right model of your summer shoes.

Important choice is represented by the combination and could be very useful to have two different pairs of sandals is color and model so to play them with different looks. Sandals should be in leather and possibly in neutral or dark colors.

Being pampered with a nice pedicure could be a perfect way to start the summer.

About the errors, it’s not advisable to choose a model that tends to swell the foot, as well as to wear any kind of socks with sandals.
If you opt for a model without buckle on the heel or ankle like a sort of slipper, be careful how you walk: remember to keep your bearing and don’t drag your feet.

Moreover, is not recommended to wear sandals in the evening.

 photo mens-sandals-3.jpg photo Mens-Sandals.jpg  photo mens-sandals-4.jpg  photo Mens-Sandals-2_1.jpg

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