Summer is almost upon us and we must be prepared, which is why we have compiled a short list of little tips and ideas to get ready for the season.


In the morning, when you wake up, it’s good to start with the right foot by drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. The lemon has many beneficial properties, such as antibacterial and antiviral. In particular, it’s able to aid digestion, cleanse the body, stimulate the immune system, lose weight and give you energy. Lemons are rich in pectin, a fiber that helps fight hunger sudden, and also contain vitamin C, essential for a healthy and glowing skin.


To awaken the body from winter slumber and maintain an healthy lifestyle, you need to keep proper constant exercise. Starting the day with a workout in the morning, your metabolism is stimulated and will work mostly during the day. It’s advisable to make a healthy snack, wear suitable clothing and especially start the session with a some stretching exercises. Then calculates the route and then bring the music, has a stimulating and positive effect. This sport helps to start the day, allowing you to have some time just for yourself, also keeps the body in activities increasing energy levels throughout the day.


Breakfast has to be healthy and balanced, it follows a long overnight and therefore represents an important source from which to draw the resources needed to complete the awakening. Impossible to define the perfect breakfast, but you can follow some guidelines, such as that has have to provide 25% of the daily total energy. What matters is to keep it as varied as possible; in summer, the ideal would be to eat plenty of fruit, maybe a yogurt and cereal.

4. GIVE YOUR BODY A PEELINGWhat is peeling? A therapy that smoothing which can be performed in different ways and serves to free the skin from excessive thickening, restoring brightness and attenuating imperfections. The skin awakes from slumber thanks to renewal and is preparing for sun exposure, avoiding the appearance of spots.


Drinking plenty of water is important and in summer it’s even more. Water removes waste products of the organism, as it increases the excretion of urine and sweat, and also decreases appetite stimulation in a natural way. It helps the body to metabolize the stored fat and promotes muscle development in those who practice physical activity. But how much water is needed? On average, a person should drink eight glasses of water a day, which equals about 2 liters. The amount of water should be increased when doing sports and when the weather is hot.


With natural fibers we mean those of animal or vegetable origin, to which it is recognized a high capacity of breathability. For their autonomous breathing capacity, the natural fibers to use in summer are: the cotton and flax.

7. INCREASE THE INTAKE OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLESEat fruits and vegetables in season means eating properly and above all healthy and natural. What is the fruit of the season? Apricots, strawberries, melons, watermelons, blueberries, peaches and plums. What are the seasonal vegetables? Beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, eggplant, celery and zucchini. The fruit is the tastiest gift of summer and, as well as vegetables, should be abundant in food. Welcome to the inviting freshness, it has a modest calories intake and is able to satisfy the appetite. With a full of fruits and vegetables the body will feel immediately better shape.


Ideal for everyone is to find a form of exercise suitable for your body and practice it. Sweat stimulates the release of chemicals in the body and creates a feeling of well being.9. EAT OFTENMany people believe that with eating only three meals during the day and eliminating snacks, you can lose weight. But in reality this method can cause weight gain, body, in fact, only eat two or three meals facing long periods without food, and then store fat. The ideal is to eat little, but often: is a particularly useful method to lose weight. Every time you eat, your body must break down this substance present in your food to extract nutrients. Eating more often, you give your body more work to do, so you will have a greater caloric expenditure, which increases your metabolism.


Someone says that is stupid and doesn’t work, other people, instead, say that positive thinking changes your life. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, think positive in life helps enormously for a better living. More positive you are and the more you will be love by others. Have you ever wondered why positive people are surrounded by so many people and they can engage with warmth and simplicity?

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  1. Really great to-do-list.

    I like the fact that you make a list of things which are in an achievable reach for almost anybody, and you don’t just write WORK OUT FOR 3 HOURS A DAY. I will try and follow some of these steps, especially the ones connected to the morning (Breakfast and the water with Lemon).

    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    Emil / Charleslangston.blogspot.com

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