The combination of shirt and tie is a matter of personal taste, style and elegance, but also of the general rules related to dress well: in fact, choose the right tie is essential to give a good first impression. Select the matching shirt and tie under the different usage occasions and times of the day is very important, but also difficult, given the many options of colors, fabrics and patterns of ties in trade.

Follow your instinct is the key, but you also need some guidelines in order to play with skill to combinations and contrasts of colors and shapes. Don’t forget that it’s the tie that must be matched to the shirt and the whole outfit, and not vice versa. It’s an accessory that detects the character, it’s suggested to avoid the ties with a single central design or rich large designs.

First rule: don’t pull no more than three or four different colors and to avoid blunders, keep in mind the color circle of Itten, according to which, the correct matches are those formed between diametrically opposed colors or triangulations of these.

For those who don’t want to make mistakes: prefer the solid color ties, even in bold colors, that will have to “disconnect” from the shirt and look, but not excessively. The color should be darker and more intense than the shirt or the jacket. In fact, may be the perfect touch of color in a serious look, but care to avoid the bright yellow, the fiery red, light green and light pink. Preferring to these darker shades like blues, greens, browns and burgundy. The solid color tie is a great choice if you wear shirts with very complex texture.

Beautiful ties with small drawings as squares, diamonds, cashmere prints, polka dots or lines cross, but they must contain maximum three colors. Specifically, the striped ties are fairly simple to combine with solid color shirts, they just have to contain a line of a same or similar color to the shirt. In case you want to make a combination between two patterns, the size of the two must be different if the patterns are the same type, while it should be quite similar if the patterns are different between them. Except in the case where one of the two patterns is very small, in this case, and better maintain different size.

As for all other fantasies, these are able to revive even the most formal look. What matters is that the main color of the tie is in harmony with the outfit. In the case of dots, the rule of fantasies from different sizes make an exception, in fact, in general it isn’t recommended to combine a tie with polka dots on a striped shirt, but is recently becoming a fashion combination. You can opt for a game of two distances between dots, respecting the proportions. Finally, combine two squared pieces and one striped, or vice versa, will work if the two identical patterns, will have different sizes; the proportions of the third fantasy generally depend on the dominant one.

Any advice about what to avoid: the combination of a striped tie on a striped shirt; the combination of a small textured tie with a checked pattern shirt.

Now let’s see some simple combinations with the clothes. With a dark blue suit, paired with a blue or white shirt: match a blue, burgundy or brown tie. With a black suit, paired with a white shirt, opt for a burgundy, black or yellow tie. Finally, with a brown suit, matched with a white or beige shirt, choose a brown tie, but in a different shade from the suit.

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