The vest, both in its classic or sports models, is an original garment and somewhat extravagant. A piece of clothing that allows free interpretation and open to the game of creativity.

Appeared for the first time in the English royal court in the seventeenth century, was originally down to the knee and its function was only practical. Its functions were to cover the straps and store the watch onion in the pocket, before the advent of the wristwatch. Then worn by the Futurists, who loved him in bright colors and artistic fantasies was, especially in the 80’s, revised and reinterpreted by many fashion houses.

Today the vest is back in vogue in all its versions: single-breasted, double-breasted, with or without lapels, sporty or elegant. It’s a clothing capable of making every look interesting, giving it a touch of personality and refinement.


The vest must be tight to the body and partly overlap with the pants, so as to give continuity to the two without see shirt. Even the shirt should be snug, to prevent swelling that would ruin the silhouette. The shoulders should be flat and well supported behind natural. As for the jacket, the last button must be kept unfastened, apart from the cases in which it is a complete wedding.

How to wear it

Avoid the belt because it adds thickness when the vest must appear tight. The suspenders are considered the perfect accessory to complete the look with a vest, can give it a retro allure. The vest is commonly paired with a tie. And for a relaxed appeal you can roll up your sleeves, but not to combine it with a t-shirt.It can be worn without a jacket, in a very casual and informal way, but if it’s worn under the jacket must be careful that the V-neck vest is visible. Beautiful when worn with a layered look, coupled with flannel shirts and jackets in denim for a casual look. The choice of fabric is key and the possibilities are many: silk, velvet, cotton, damask, jacquard, denim.

With the three-piece suit: perfect if you want to add formality, in this case, the vest is the same fabric and color of the garment and should be worn with a tie or a bow tie.

With the dress, but in contrast: a tweed waistcoat of a contrasting color for a less formal look combined with a particular tie. To give a fresh twist to the look you can choose a shade between the jacket and pants, in case this has ti be a darker color.

Other ideas: a way to make an interesting look may be adopting the vest as a technique of layering, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort, giving a special touch to the outfit.

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