When spring begins to be forwarded is time to make a change of wardrobe, keeping aside all the winter clothing and making space for summery items. It may sound simple, but it’s a task that requires time and dedication. The question, opening closets, comes easy, how to preserve the winter coats? How to stop them from taking a bad smell?

Moreover, it often happens, in fall, to find coats with patches or strange folds and the reason is that being hung for a long time without being used, clothing can be deformed and damaged. This particularly happens with heavy clothing such as coats or jackets.

The problem must be prevented with a few simple precautions.

First, the coats should preferably be stored in a closet in part, which has enough space to hang without being crushed between them. In the absence of a spacious wardrobe, you can choose to keep them in a suitcase, a viable alternative. It’s recommended to make sure though that the interior is free of odors and moisture.

Before storing them, make sure they don’t stain. If they are dirty, you must brought them to the dry cleaner or dry-cleaned at home, brushed with trichlorethylene and put to air. If they are clean, you can take advantage of the first sunny days to lay them open and let them get some air.

The coats and jackets must be strung on robust and large hanger enough to hold them in a correct way, perfect in wood. Don’t forget to insert the acting tarmicida scented envelopes because, especially wool and cashmere fibers are particularly attacked by moths.

You wrap the fur and leather jackets in bags made from old sheets and closed with safety pins to protect the hair or the skin. Instead, to perfume the wardrobe, you can use some bags containing lavender, bay leaves and cloves: they have a good fragrance and a tarmicida power.The change of the wardrobe is a great excuse to clean and tidy up.

Try to manage and optimize the space (we dedicated a post about how to organize the wardrobe) to optimally adjust summer clothing.

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