A classic look where Blue becomes the main character: the stripe of the check suit recalls the color of the tie and of the coat that, thanks to its colored texture, makes this formal look more casual. Cayman Tangerine shoes complete the outfit.

What do you think about it?

Filippo C photo IMG_8942.jpg photo IMG_881x4.jpg photo IMG_89c42.jpg photo IMG_89c88.jpg photo IMG_898c8.jpg photo IMG_879d9.jpg photo IMG_8c890.jpg photo IMG_89c83.jpgI was wearing:

– Suitsupply suit

Tangerine Cayman shoes

– Boglioli coat

– Spektre sunglasses



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  1. Classico ma straordinario, bravo Cirulli.
    Questi sono i miei outfit preferiti. Lineari, ordinari, perfetti mai banali. Ogni tanto ti trasformi in Mr Hyde cercando novità eccessive ma quando torni dr Jekyll dai il meglio di te.

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