Pocket square is synonymous of elegance and refinement, able to create a unique image even if you wear the most classic outfit.

It’s an accessory that involves taste and personal style, which can be worn on different occasions and doesn’t imply the use of the tie. In fact, Isn’t wears only at the office, but is increasingly being combined with casual looks.

An high quality pocket square, if combined in a correct way, is able to give personality to the look, without being excessive; is a very important touch, able to give self-confidence and develop a personal style. The combination with the rest of the outfit is subjective and it is not easy to give precise directions on what colors and patterns choose, but there are some broad guidelines. It should be known that the pocket square must bind in harmony with the rest of the clothing, making the set a pleasant one. Important is that it doesn’t look randomly worn and that it not leave the pocket more than two centimeters; moreover, it shouldn’t be bent in a too elaborate way.

The job of the pocket square is: be able to combine tie, shirt and jacket, uniting them as if it were a kind of bridge between these. It’s not recommended to wear tie and clutch in the same fabric and texture, because the result could be boring and predictable: the most suitable combination provides a reminder of color between the two elements. The pocket square don’t need to be plain, indeed, those with texture, polka dots, stripes or patterns are very popular and allow to experiment with different combinations and convincing. In principle, the handkerchief of white linen is always elegant and highly recommended for more formal occasions.

The pocket square should be worn casually and with creativity: the variables are many, some love to match the color of socks, other mix designs of various kinds. You can say that, as a general rule, it’s better to avoid the effect of square on square or line upon line, but it’s still a matter of individual matches.

About fabrics: green light to cotton for boys, silk for men (in this case the rim must be finished by hand). In case that the look is more casual and you wear a sports jacket, the advice is to resort to silk or cashmere, depending on the season. It might be useful to have them in different types and materials, so you can well match with the fabric of the jacket.

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