Fall is just around the corner, it’s time to surrender to the lowering temperature and put in the closets shorts, espadrilles and t-shirts. But cold weather brings also style and character, so here’s 5 Style Tips for Fall: a way to make a good transition in your wardrobe.

Invest in a raincoat

You know, raincoat is not the most loved items, but it’s essential during the heavy rainy days or some country trips. The best ones are refined and have a minimal design, as raincoats signed by Rains, Stutterheim, Barbour or Stone Island. These are jackets capable of keeping you warm and dry, 100% waterproof, which often have large pockets and a practical hood. They are perfect in gray or black, but for those who want to give a different twist to the look can choose a vibrant color and energetic.

 photo menswear-5-style-tips-far-fall.jpg photo menswear-5-style-tips-far-fall-4.jpg photo menswear-5-style-tips-far-fall-2.jpg photo menswear-5-style-tips-far-fall-5.jpg

Protect yourself from the unpredictable fall weather with a pair of boots

Staying on the “rain” theme, the ideal companions to accompany you during this season of transition, are undoubtedly a pair of structured shoes, protective against water and weather as a pair of boots. Ideally is to have a pair of Chelsea boots, but also the well-built brogues with rubber soles. Which is the right color to choose? Dark brown, dark gray or black, will be perfect matched with a pair of dark denim jeans worn with rolled hems, but also with a more formal outfit. Do not choose suede, too delicate for the rainy days.

 photo Boots-fall-winter-man-5.jpg photo Boots-fall-winter-man-3.jpg photo Boots-fall-winter-man-2.jpg

Play and experiment with the color palette

Leaving aside the bright and bold colors, more suitable for the summer season, the autumn brings a color palette reminiscent of the land, such as burnt orange, burgundy, brown and mustard. Mix them with each other by adding denim, cream, black and bottle green, the result is amazingly fun and atmosphere with the season.

 photo menswear-5-style-tips-far-fall-8.jpg photo palette.jpg photo menswear-5-style-tips-far-fall-7.jpg


During fall, the temperature, as the weather, is quite variable, the advice is to opt for a layered look rather than made up of layers very heavy or very light. Also, wear several layers of light or medium weight that can be removed or added without difficulty can be a great way to experiment with different combinations and outfits.

 photo Menswear-layering-fall-winter-3.jpg photo Menswear-layering-fall-winter-5.jpg photo Menswear-layering-fall-winter-4.jpg photo Menswear-layering-fall-winter-2.jpg photo Menswear-layering-fall-winter.jpg

Choose a checked blazer

Back in vogue for the autumn/winter 2015, the checked blazer is one of the key items on which to bet. It’s also a true classic that should’t be missing in any man’s wardrobe and is adaptable to different smart and casual looks. You can opt for a matching green and brown, with a beautiful pair of dark denim jeans and brown boots, or a more classic version of blue and brown, but also a modern declination white and black. Essential is to pay attention to measure of the check, this season the checked blazer is proposed by Ted Baker, Reiss and Suitsupply.

 photo Checked-Blazer-5.jpg photo Checked-Blazer-3.jpg photo Checked-Blazer-4.jpg photo Checked-Blazer.jpg photo Checked-Blazer-2.jpg

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