Good morning everybody,

Yesterday FC showed you the first part of the shooting we did at the Grand Central Station (here the post) and today it’s my turn.

The very cold temperatures, the reason why I’m stuck in bed with the flu now, pushed us to choose the main hall of the Central Station for the shooting with our new Louis Vuitton travel set.

I’m so addicted to old trains stations and the way they are so massive, rich in decorations ad wrapped in an atmosphere between the aristocratic and a melancholic decadence.

Speak soon,


 photo 1 filippo fiora 2.jpg photo 2 filippo fiora grand central  5.jpg photo 3 grand central new york 2.jpg photo 4 filippo fiora .jpg photo 5 louis vuitton travel bag damier 4.jpg photo 6 chiara.jpg photo 7 louis vuitton travel bag damier 2.jpg photo 8 filippo fiora 4.jpg photo 9 grand central new york.jpg photo 10 louis vuitton travel bag damier.jpg

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