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Shoes represents one of the key accessories of the male wardrobe: they show personality and character of who wear them. To do so they have to be always impeccably, they need constant care and cleaning, but especially a high luster.

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John Lobb wooden shoe trees (available here)

The 8 main steps to polish shoes for men:

1 Prepare a space dedicated to polishing, devoid of objects or materials that can be dirty: shoe polish is very difficult to clean. Protect then the chosen area with newspaper or plastic bags.

2 For a thorough job: remove the shoe laces, so you can shine the tongue at best.

3 Clean the shoe from any dirt using a damp cotton. This is a very important step, because each particle remaining might scratch the surface of the shoe.

4 Choose the appropriate shade of polish to the shoe. They are available in cream or wax: the first nourish the skin making it softer, while waxes play a waterproofing action. We recommend buying both varieties and switch between them.


5 Spread the cream in a circular motion, paying attention to details. Pay particular attention to the tip and heel, more subject to the use.

6 Let rest the cream for about ten minutes.

7 Remove excess polished using a polishing brush with vigorous, short and very determined movements.

8 The final step is the mirror polishing with a woolen, deer or chamois cloth. Polish with rapid lateral movements. This will be easier if the shoes are worn.

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