How to choose the perfect outfit for a special occasion such as cocktail party or a gala? Dress code literally means “rules of acceptable clothing” and is a handbook that guides us and resolve any critical situation.

Few people know that it is a code made ​​up of tricks and tips. Read the invitation, as well as take into account place, hour and season will help you in the choice of a suitable outfit. Dress code is made ​​up of written and unwritten rules that affect not only about clothing in the strict sense, but also behavior and attitude. It has a long history and a past linked to several important areas: cultural, social, business and public. In the past, a certain way of dressing would mean belonging to a group or to a social status.

Here some tips in order to be prepared in any type of occasion.

Cocktail Party After 5 

In case of you have to go to a happy hour in the elegant surroundings, the dress code is pretty friendly: refinement without excessive formality. For him, a white shirt and stylish pair of pants are required, while jacket and tie are optional. The tuxedo isn’t suitable, while a mismatched could be perfect. There are no special restrictions about colors, but dark tones will be better. There is a casual variant, which provides a casual look, which only excludes the use of  jeans.

 photo DC-Cocktail.jpg  photo Dress-Code-Cocktail-Party.jpg

Black Tie 

Black Tie is the term that is often shown on the invitation and it means tuxedos or smoking. Smoking comes from smoke: a jacket that was worn before retiring to smoke in designated rooms after dinner. It is wear for an occasion that requires stylish clothing, such as a dinner or a gala, so is worn after  8.00pm. A black or dark blue suit with white shirt and black bow tie; jacket, tie and vest can also be of a different color, but they must be dark. In summer, when you participate in a reception outdoors, you can wear a white coat, but all the other elements of smoking will remain unchanged. A fairly common variation is the Creative Black Tie, a situation in which the man can wear a tuxedo but in part “revisited”, such as using a colorful tie. It’s important to pay particular attention to accessories that complement the outfit, like black stockings and patent leather shoes.

 photo DC-white-tie.jpg

White Tie

Exclusive and prestigious evenings as it may be a solemn ceremony or lavish receptions require an extremely formal attire consists of a tuxedo accompanied by a starched shirt, a vest, a tie or a bow tie in white. On these evenings extravagances aren’t waived, the outfit must necessarily comply with the strict rules of dress code, paying attention to every little detail.

 photo DC-white-tie-2.jpg

Casual Attire

This is not a real dress code, indeed, indicates that there aren’t formal rules to follow. No tie for men, but casual pants and shirt: freedom.

Business Attire

At work is becoming increasingly popular fashion casual and informal, evident especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. The Traditional business dress code, however, has never gone and consists of jacket and tie. It is a formal look that is preferred in the workplace, able to prioritize the most professional image. Another variation is called Best Business: dress code for business events out of the ordinary and characterized by a high level of formality. In these cases he is required to complete a tailored dark or pinstripe white shirt with double cuffs, handkerchief and cufflinks.

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