Pipes…from head to toe. 🙂
I’m not a pipe-smoker but I’m so attracted by this fascinating object that I’ve decided to use it for my outfit.
I took it as an accessorize in order to enrich this very formal look.

I want to definitively give up with smoking in 2015 but at this point I’m wondering if the pipe would be my next vice. 🙂

 photo menswear-fashion-blogger-2.jpg  photo menswear-fashion-blogger-3.jpg  photo filippo-fiora-pipa-al-pasciagrave-2.jpg  photo hamilton-watch.jpg  photo churchs-shoes.jpg  photo filippo-fiora-pipa-al-pasciagrave-3.jpg  photo filippo-fiora-pipa-al-pasciagrave-4.jpg  photo filippo-fiora-pipa-al-pasciagrave.jpg  photo menswear-fashion-blogger-5.jpg  photo menswear-fashion-blogger.jpg

Al Pascià – pipe
Hamilton – watch
Red Sox Appeal – socks
Trussardi – sunglasses
Tailor Made suit by Lanieri – Vitale Barberis fabric

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  1. Il tuo gusto e’ fuori discussione…una bella infusione di colori caldi ed eleganti…per la pipa non saprei…a me ricorda i nonni, ma tu sei giovane e probabilmente saprai il fatto tuo sulle nuove mode e tendenze 😉
    Buon natale

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