John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a president who has left a strong mark on the American and world history, but also a contemporary style icon. JFK is probably considered one of the coolest presidents of all time, thanks to its natural elegance and its innate charm.

Undisputed master of the “effortless” style, a carefree way of dressing that doesn’t seem to give much importance to what you wear. JFK was able to balance stylish elements with casual pieces, mixing his work clothes with something less formal. The style is simple, classic and impeccable, defined by many as Ivy League, with clear references to Preppy in many combinations. A mood that originated born on college campuses, but today recovered by the fashion designers around the world.

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A natural elegance, expressed in some key and easily marching pieces of his wardrobe: tweed blazers, button-down shirts paired with soft knit sweaters or cotton blazers, white or khaki chinos worn rolled on the ankles and matched with brown leather loafers. JFK also loved to play down its formal suit wearing a pair of turtle Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

About his formal wear, Kennedy loved to wear suits, plain or pinstripes, signed Brooks Brothers, always preferring the single-breasted models in dark blue and dark gray. To give a touch of luxury to the look, he loved to wear silk tie,s mainly with different patterns ranging from stripes to geometric prints. Finally, the watch that he choice for work and leisure was the Omega Ultra Thin, also called Stockdale, a watch with a black leather strap, gold dial and white bottom.

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