Socks are a distinctive detail, overlooked by many, they’re capable of giving a fresh twist even to the most basic look. Unlike clutch, the role of socks isn’t to create an harmonious contrast, but break trousers – shoes combinations.

The possibilities are numerous, if not infinite. The first is the practical solution tone on tone, in relation to the pants or the shoes, but it’s important that the tone is a little bit lighter or a bit darker. The alternative is to hazard a more daring combination, consisting of a totally different color socks, giving a break to the outfit. To show off these looks need taste, experience and a pinch of irony, to play with the style, but always paying attention to the occasions.

Here are some basic tips for matching your socks.
With blacks pants, from formal dress, wear black socks, while with gray or blue pants dress dark blue socks. With a mismatched outfit, choose an alternative the tone-on-tone socks, alternatively with stripes or with small drawings containing a color that perfectly matches with the look. With a pinstripe suit you can wear socks replicating the color of the line. With the khaki suit, worn during summer, wear colored socks, green for example. With a pair of dark jeans and leather shoes, matching burgundy socks. With white denim pants and light-colored sneakers, choose gray socks. With a pair of preppy style moccasins moccasins or velvet loafer: dress red socks.

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