How to know which colors match best with your skin tone?

People hardly pays any attention to what color you wear the most, but easily notice the color that looks best on you.

First you need to make a division based on skin tone and figure out what is one to which you belong, keeping in mind, however, that every skin is different and unique.

Skin tones can be divided into “seasons”, but how to determine the season that you belong? The methodology is a bit special: you need to check your wrists, if they’re blu, you belong to the “cold season”, if they are greenish you belong to the “hot season”. For who is part of the cold season and therefore has a clear skin tones with pink and blue will have to wear bright colors and energetic, able to stand out hue. Perfect: primary and pastels colors. Who belongs to the hot season, the skin has a warm color with golden hues and yellow: the perfect browns, reds and oranges. Perfect with black and with all the classic palette of warm autumn colors.

But the season distinction isn’t the only one that can be applied to the skin tones: it can be divided in pale, dark and olive. So here is some advices…

Pale skin

Who has blonde, light brown or red hair usually have a pale skin tone. The advice is to wear dark colors, that make contrast with the skin, avoiding bright and soft colors. Wear green, and blue primary colors, and in case you want to dress in black, attach it to a bright color. Avoid: lands, orange and white.

 photo Skin-Tone-3.jpeg photo S-T-9.jpg photo S-T-8.jpg photo S-T-7.jpg

Dark skin

Who has dark skin can afford to dress in any color and, in fact, they often love to wear bright and energetic colors. The important thing is not overly bright dress, such as exaggerating with white or dark, wearing too much black.

 photo Skin-Tone-1.jpg photo Skin-Tone-5.jpg photo S-T-11.jpg

Olive skin

Finally, who has brown hair and a skin tone from the rather dark, tanned appearance, has to avoid greens and yellows, already in his skin, opting for light or dark colors, avoiding the middle ground. Perfect are cream, beige and blue, yes to black and gray, even pleasant land, perfect to bring out the olive tones.

 photo Skin-Tone-2.jpg photo Skin-Tone-4.jpg photo S-T-6.jpeg photo S-T-10.jpg

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