Innovative design, incomparable precision, American spirit and Swiss technology have made Hamilton a world leader company of watches. Always faithful to the rhythm of America, Hamilton is able to keep up with the trends and technological processes, keeping history and tradition.

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History of the Brand

Hamilton, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the watch industry was born in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, establishing from the outset as a leading company, but also rich in history and tradition.

Hamilton has a technical prowess that dates back to the golden age of American Railroads, when they introduced a series of pocket watches, the Broadway Limited model in particular, is able to ensure reliability and accuracy. Not many years later, Hamilton gave birth to a female audience line with the launch of Lady Hamilton, a watch specifically designed for women.

During 1910, the American government took Hamilton to the production of watches for the American army, an event that has sealed a long and close relationship between the brand and the armed forces. Hamilton began to be on the wrist of scientists, pilots and explorers, claiming the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of watches with great reliability.

The stylistic innovations of the 20s and 30s inspired models like Piping Rock, Ardmore, Wilshire, Boulton and Benton, entered the history of the most classic models. In the 40s, Hamilton became the main supplier of military watches for the Armed Forces, with the highest precision clocks, able to tolerate mechanical stress and weather. At the end of the Second World War was launched Ventura, the first electric clock in the world, in which the extraordinary technical innovation was flanked by top style. A unique design and style that led the Hamilton watches to become objects of desire for celebrities and politicians. Elvis took the Ventura on the set of Blue Hawaii: Hamilton event that marked the big screen debut, as well as the beginning of a career in Hollywood. That reputation meant that Hamilton might acquire another movie quote in 1966, when Stanley Kubrick asked the company to create a model specifically for the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. With influence of this futuristic film, was born the first digital watch, Pulsar, which soon invaded all the shops and was even worn by President Ford.

In the 70s came a key change in company: the acquisition by SMH, or Swiss Microelectronics and Watchmaking, now known as Swatch Group, which allowed Hamilton to have the best Swiss movements and resources necessary to start a global expansion. During the 80s were formed two separate collections called American Classic and Khaki Collection, which in the 90’s saw the production of watches from more modern taste, not necessarily tied to the American tradition. These models are Marylin, Chaltham and Gramercy, all intended to a female audience.

Today, Hamilton has a wide range of styles, designs and specificity, wearing at the wrist of the Hollywood industry made ​​up of actors, records, costume designers and toolmakers. The brand has recently appeared with the models from American Classic in: Man In Black, Pearl Harbor, City of Angel, Lethal Weapon 4, You’ve Got Mail, One Fine Day, Sex and the City, Independence Day, SWAT and The Terminal, Ocean’s Eleven, Predators, Abduction, Independence day, 2001: The Space odyssey, A Beautiful Mind and Die hard. But also the Khaki Collection, which emphasizes precision and technological quality of military watches of the past has been present in many films. The reproductions Khaki ‘Field’, Khaki ‘Aviation Khaki and Navy are an evolution of sports watches, able to meet the needs of contemporary consumers.

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminium and the two new watches Hamilton RailRoad are particularly interesting that now we will see in detail.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminium

It’s a watch with aluminum case, the first of the brand, and with a strong aeronautics attitude. Aluminum is a unique material that has enabled the aviation sector to reach new goals. At the wrist, becomes a versatile material of high comfort and the range includes a four shades ranging: from sand to khaki green, from black to navy blue, to bring actions on the field and uniforms of the pilots.

The case is asymmetric and shape of glass, which has an anti-reflection coating, reminiscent the pioneering models that belong to the history of the brand. It has a handy crown positioned at 2 o’clock and the flange swivel function countdown. The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminium is designed to adapt to an  high altitude way of life, the H-10 Hamilton movement is equipped with 80 hours of power reserve typical. The case is extremely light, but solid at the same time, and the properties of aluminum to adapt quickly to body temperature makes you forget to have it on your wrist. The NATO straps are coordinated with and passers-leather inserts, while the buckle is made of aluminum.

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Hamilton RailRoad

Combine the tradition of Hamilton in the measurement of time in transport technology and contemporary design are the new RailRoad watches. Referring to the title of “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy – accurate timepiece station”, earned by the brand during the nineteenth century, to integrate their internal design elements of the pocket watches of that era.

Hamilton RailRoad Auto Chrono

The case of RailRoad Auto Chrono has rounded edges, satin finish and protect-buttons tapered, characteristics that bring to mind the era of pocket watches. The watch has a sleek stainless steel bracelet or a black leather strap, while the background is black or slate gray, with the speedometer, respectively rust or blue in contrast, starts from the center of the dial and extends outward. The hands are sword-shaped and have a fine polished finish, while the H-21 movement, which oversees the operation of the three counters and the primary measurement of time is visible on the back of the watch.

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Hamilton RailRoad Small Second

And the movement of the H-22 Small Second RailRoad determines the design of the watch with asymmetric positioning of the small seconds dial at 8 o’clock, brown or dark blue. Skills of ​​Hamilton about pocket watches are evident in the rounded contours of the case and can be found in the metal bracelet that is the contemporary version of the chain.

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  1. Ragazzi, mi avete fatto innamorare!
    Il Khaki Pilot Pioneer è meraviglioso, lo voglio comprare!
    Esiste per caso un e commerce o conoscete un negozio a Brescia dove possa trovarlo?

    Grazie e sempre complimenti!

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