After a long flight it always happens to fell wasted and tired.
Flights involve trauma to our body because of the dry climate created at high altitude but also because of the not always comfortable conditions of the travel.

This post aims to be just a simple and short guide on the beauty routine that should be observed up in air so as to be relatively rested even after 10 hours of flying, in spite of jet lag and uncomfortable seats.

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1- Sleeping is important
Sleeping on the plane is essential but sometimes the cry of the baby sitting next to us or the hustle and bustle at meal time make our golden nap impossible. My advice is always to keep with you melatonin or a stronger medication in order to sleep at least few hours before arriving at the destination. Before taking medications, however, it is important to do a quick calculation of the different time zone from our final destination as to fall asleep at a correct time according to the one of the city of arrival.

2-Keep the right posture
The seats of the aircraft are not known for their comfort, especially if you are traveling economy, but it is important to maintain a correct posture in order to avoid unpleasant back pain or stiff neck. For this reason you should always travel with one of those “C shape” pillows that support the neck the flight, avoid crossing the legs so as to keep the spine straight.

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3-Hydrates the skin
With an internal temperature of 25 degrees and a humidity that hovers around 8%, the atmosphere that is created inside the aircraft is one of the driest in the world, similar to the one of the desert.
Experts claim that humidity at 20% is the minimum level to maintain a proper balance of hydration, then we can easily understand how medium/long travels cause trauma for our skin due to the continuous loss of water.
To avoid excessive dryness of the skin is important to always have a moisturizer, preferably made ​​from vegetable oils or karate butter, or thermal water with which moisturize face and hands regularly throughout the trip .

4- Move
Remain seated for long can lead to circulatory and muscle disorders. This cad be easily avoided following few simple precautions. Take short walks for 3-4 minutes every hour, but if you do not want to constantly disturb the neighbor asking him to get up to let you do your exercises, make small movements from the place by moving the feet and wrists. Lift your toes and move your wrists clockwise and counterclockwise are simple examples of the many small exercises that can be diligently done from the seat so as to facilitate blood circulation.

5- Drink plenty of water
Because of the dry climate that is generated in the aircraft, it is important to drink plenty of water, at least one glass per hour, or alternatively juices. Salty snacks and alcohol should be avoided

6-Make a check up of your appearance
When we are close to the final destination, it is important to spend 5 minutes in the bathroom for a complete check-up of our appearance. Check your beard first and possibly shorten it or shave it completely in order to have a more polished look.  An electric shaver as the brand new Philips Shaver 9000 is definitely useful and faster than traditional manual razor. After this, do the minimum hygiene practices that the toilet of the plane allows, hydrate your skin again and eventually spray a fresh and summery perfume.

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